Israel Innovation Authority

IIA and Funding Opportunities
The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) is an independent publicly funded agency with the main to promote innovation in Israeli Industry. This includes early-stage entrepreneurs, mature companies developing new products or manufacturing processes, academic groups seeking to transfer their ideas to the market, global corporations interested in collaborating with Israeli technology, Israeli companies seeking new markets abroad and traditional factories and plants seeking to incorporate innovative and advanced manufacturing into their businesses.

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Learn more about how the IIA can support research and guide cutting-edge technologies to market:

"Applied Research in Academia" [Kamin, Nofar]: Bridging the gap between the knowledge in academia and the needs of the industry. The main goal of this supporting program is to reach significant milestones at the end of the project that will give research institutions the opportunity to commercialize technology with industry partners. 
 Up to NIS 880,000 for a 24 month period (grant without a supporting company)
Up to NIS 1,100100 for a 24 month period (grant with the support of a company)
"Commercialization of Knowledge from  Academia" [Magneton]
This supporting program is designed to help a research institution develop groundbreaking products through the commercialization of knowledge for an industry cooperation.
At the end of the project and at the end of the proof of technological feasibility, the industrial partner has the right to decide whether to independently commercialize the prodcut produced from the joint research. 
This program offers grants for cooperation in R&D (Research and Development) within the framework of a consortium (association of industrial companies and research institutions for the joint development of technologies).
This cooperation with industry promotes the commercialization ability of academic research products, as well as the understanding of market needs.