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SVP Scouting, Ideation, and Technology Evaluation (SITE)
Dr. Eyal Emmanuel is a Senior Vice-President of Scouting, Ideation and Technology at Yissum and is responsible for translating research results into commercial ready technologies within the Robert H. Smith Faculty Agriculture, Food & the Environment. Eyal also serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Agrinnovation, an investment partnership founded by Yissum to nurture agricultural inventions originating from The Smith Faculty. Eyal brings to Yissum and Agrinnovation over 10 years’ experience in heading multi-national and multidisciplinary R&D teams at Evogene, a leading biotechnology company specializing in crop productivity.

Prior to joining Evogene, Eyal served as a researcher promoting biomedical technologies at Life Science Research Israel, Israel's premier life sciences research center. Eyal holds a BSc in Agriculture from the Hebrew University and an MSc and PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science. Eyal also holds an MBA from the College of Management in Israel with a concentration in Bio-Medical Management.
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