Science Accelerator

The Program מאיצי מדע

15/02/2022: Please note the program is now closed for new proposals and we will be back for the next round,TBA.

The Ministry of Science (Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology) provides support and funding in their mission of knowledge transfer from academia to industry. 

In order to streamline the process, the ministry has allocated funds to discover early stage research, promoting projects and encouraging entrepreneurship among academic researchers as part of the national goal.

With the ministry’s grant, Yissum, together with The Hebrew University has launched the first call for proposals, for the “Science Accelerator Program”. The deadline for this call is February 15, 2022

Call for proposals will be published twice a year. 
How it Works
The program aims to support early stage multidisciplinary research combining different disciplines and methods (e.g. biology, chemistry, physics, math, phycology, sociology) for solving the most pressing human challenges.

The call for proposals is open for any combinations of multidisciplinary research that has the potential for industrial application or commercial potential.  

Research Topics (Include, but not limited to): 
Synthetic Biology & Engineered Living Materials
Advanced Engineered Drug Delivery & Diagnostics Systems (Bio-nanorobotics) 
Advanced therapeutics discovery systems
3D bio-printing 
Food Technology (e.g. Cultured meat & Alternative Protein) 
Agricultural Technologies 
Climate Change mitigation and Adaptation 
Quantum sensing for Bio sensors
Sustainability solutions for multiple applications (e.g. smart mobility, construction, climate/energy, production) 
Artificial Intelligence for multiple applications (e.g. smart mobility, education, consumer behavior, Fintech, manufacturing, climate/energy, healthcare etc)  

Program terms and Funding
The total budget for the project will not exceed NIS 200,000 for a period of 12 months
Three to four projects will be approved at every cycle
The Program will support (but is not limited to):

Early-stage research projects with the potential for commercialization

Collaboration between young researchers and/or research groups from various disciplines in the fields that are required to engage in reality and the needs of industry

Application Process
The deadline for submission is February 15, 2022 (the submission form must include the research plan including milestones, main tasks and details of the required budget items). 
A committee will deliberate and analyze all submitted proposals  
All decisions will be announced during March 2022
The ranking of proposals will take into account the following aspects of the research proposal: multidisciplinary research; young researchers, technological and functional innovation; a clearly defined commercial and regulatory pathway
The research budget will be opened for the approved projects at the Research and Development Authority

Step 1:

Click here to download and fill out the proposal template

Step 2:

Click here to submit your completed form 

The Yissum team is happy to consult and advise with the application process. Please email for further assistance: 

Q: How many calls for proposal will there be per year?
A: Two calls for proposal in each calendar year.
Q: Does multidisciplinary research require collaboration between two researchers from different fields?
A: No, a single researcher can submit a proposal for a project on a topic that is multidisciplinary.


Q: Is it possible to apply in conjunction with another academic institution?
A: Only if the academic institution finances its share, or serves only as a subcontractor.

Q: Is it possible to fund the work of an external party (subcontractor) as part of the research program?
A: Yes, subject to the approval of the judging panel.
Q: Is it possible to get funding for another year?
A: No, projects are limited to a 12 month scope, with the option of extension without additional budget in order to complete the project's tasks and achieve milestones.