Business Collaborations

Yissum is the technology commercialization company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. We are responsible for promoting the inventions and innovations generated by the University’s renowned researchers and students. We are interested in creating mutually beneficial relationships with industry partners who share in our vision.

Express Licensing Campaign
Yissum’s Express Licensing Campaign is the first of its of kind ever to be launched. With close to 70 ready-to-go technologies developed by researchers at the Hebrew University, our express licenses have legal and commercial templates with highly preferred commercial terms so that you can build upon your IP position in the easiest way possible.
Our technologies span across all verticals and domains and can serve to enhance your existing portfolio or as a basis for your new start up. Our express licensing collaboration models are designed to accelerate innovation and make our interactions quick and easy. Click here to shop our Express Technologies now.

Licensing & Options
Yissum facilitates industry collaborations between business partners and Hebrew University researchers by providing direct access to the researchers’ highly specialized expertise. Often this is achieved when Yissum establishes a research collaboration with a commercial party who receives the right to use and develop early stage technologies previously conceived at the university.

Licenses are typically granted when the industry partner has business driven objectives related to technical milestones for which HU IP (Intellectual Property) is needed.  IP is licensed under a variety of terms to suit the business needs of the industry partner. Special non-exclusive know-how licenses are put in place when no specific background IP is available, but faculty and/or students are involved in creating new IP as they consult or support external commercial parties.

Sponsored Research
Yissum can identify a research lab or cluster of labs with the capabilities sought by an industry partner, or simply respond to an external partner who wishes to enter such a collaboration with a lab or their choice. Yissum will work with the industry partner and expert researcher and lab to tailor the partnership to meet the specific needs of both parties.

Master Collaboration
Master collaborations are flexible stand-alone umbrella agreements between Yissum and an industry partner (most often a Multi-National Corporation, MNC). Such agreements can cover multiple research projects and researchers and span a number of years to create a groundbreaking interdisciplinary solution.

Enterprise Directed Research (EDGES)
EDGES is a high impact vehicle intended to generate translational groundbreaking research in particular focus areas.  An industry partner will approach Yissum with a defined technological problem, and the parties will collaborate to author a Request for Proposal (RFP) to some or all of the University's research laboratories. The industry partner will help to select the appropriate proposal, and may have certain access to the research outcomes (depending on sponsorship level).

Establishing a StartUp Company or a “Spin-off”
For unique, transformational opportunities, Yissum may set up new companies to house and advance licensed IP, and to manage appropriate research programs. Many spin-offs become independent companies with highly successful products, trade on public markets, or are acquired by MNC's.

Leveraged Government Research Funds
The Israeli Innovation Authority offers multiple, major financial incentives to support early stage translational innovations in collaboration with appropriate industry partners.  Yissum identifies and supports appropriate technologies and their industry partners in this process.