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Omri Abend, Leshem Choshen, lior fox, zohar aizenbud

Reinforcement learning (RL) is frequently used to increase performance in text generation tasks, including machine translation (MT), notably through the use of Minimum Risk Training (MRT) and Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN). However, little known about what how these methods learn context MT. We prove that one most common RL for MT does not optimize expected reward, as well show other take an infeasibly long time converge. In fact, our...

(2020) | ICLR 2020 : Eighth International Conference on Learning Representations
Amir Globerson, erez peterfreund, Matan Gavish, roy mor

Generative neural models have improved dramatically recently. With this progress comes the risk that such will be used to attack systems rely on sensor data for authentication and anomaly detection. Many learning are installed worldwide, protecting critical infrastructure or private against malfunction cyber attacks. We formulate scenario of an system facing generative impersonation attacks, characterize it from a theoretical perspective...

(2020) | ICLR 2020 : Eighth International Conference on Learning Representations
daniel gissin, Amit Daniely, shai shalevshwartz, shai shwartz

A leading hypothesis for the surprising generalization of neural networks is that dynamics gradient descent bias model towards simple solutions, by searching through solution space in an incremental order complexity. We formally define notion learning and derive conditions on depth initialization which this phenomenon arises deep linear models. Our main theoretical contribution a dynamical separation result, proving while shallow models can...

(2020) | ICLR 2020 : Eighth International Conference on Learning Representations
Alexander Khain, Mark Pinsky

Abstract Most parameterizations of droplet concentration at cloud base in models are derived under the assumption that all droplets form by nucleation dry CCN crossing lifting condensation level updraft. In this study, a novel method calculation supersaturation maximum and is described takes into account existence liquid nucleation. Liquid exists haze particles, as well raindrops. It shown presence water inside non-activated CCN, raindrops...

(2020) | Atmospheric Research
Raed Abu-Reziq, ahmad zarour, raed abureziq

Abstract The facile one-pot synthesis of poly(ethylene glycol)@silica hybrid microparticles (PEG@silica HMPs) by an oil-in-oil (o/o) emulsification and non-aqueous sol-gel method is reported. HMPs preparation process begins with the PEG formic acid in heptane containing a polymeric surfactant tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS). Then, takes place at interface droplets which reacts TEOS to create silica shell. In addition, part intermediates form...

(2020) | Materialia
ady zelman, Aviv Mezer, roey schurr

Abstract The association fibers of the superior longitudinal fasciculus (SLF) connect parietal and frontal cortical regions in human brain. SLF comprises three distinct sub-bundles, each presenting a different anatomical trajectory, specific functional roles. Nevertheless, vivo studies often consider entire complex as single entity. In this work, we suggest data-driven approach that relies on microstructure measurements for separating SLF-III...

(2020) | NeuroImage
felix a ogunmokun, Rony Wallach, zhipeng liu

Abstract Soil water repellency (SWR) has a substantial effect on soil?water hydrology: it hinders infiltration, leading to enhanced surface runoff and soil erosion, causes preferential flow in the profile beyond that from soil's natural heterogeneity. SWR is associated with organic matter content, latter added by vegetation exudates, litter residues, forest fires, replacement of fresh treated wastewater for irrigation. Surfactants are...

(2020) | Geoderma
Ovadia Lev, Daniel Mandler, maria hitrik

Abstract We report the assembly of an asymmetric membrane consisting octadecyltrimethoxysilane (ODTMS) Langmuir film covalently attached to a sol-gel based sublayer, supported by mesoporous membrane. The ODTMS was compressed at interface subphase containing tetramethoxysilane (TMOS), formamide and polyethylenimine. Exposure NH3 vapours increased pH (pHinterface) catalysed condensation TMOS. layers self-healing nature, due ?-pressure set-up...

(2020) | Journal of Membrane Science
Abraham Aserin, eliezer goldmunz, Nissim Garti

Abstract This study presents a directly aggregated pseudo-ternary system. The three apexes of the investigated system represent surfactant phase [Tween 80:propylene glycol (9:1 wt ratio)], an oil [isopropyl myristate:benzyl alcohol (7.5:2.5?wt and water. Within system, water dilution line, termed N91 (90?wt% 10?wt% phase), was found to transparent thermodynamically stable compositions from concentrate high (>95?wt% water). Despite that be...

(2020) | Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
Gad Baneth, sharon kuzi, sigal eshcol argentaro

Abstract Giardia duodenalis causes gastro-intestinal (GI) disease and carries a zoonotic risk. The risk for infection depends on local prevalence individual immunity, but clinical signs are inconsistent the role of G. in other GI diseases is unknown. current study aims were to evaluate dogs presented university veterinary teaching hospital Israel, investigate factors its associations with diseases. Fecal samples from 163 tested by an antigen...

(2020) | Comparative Immunology Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Christa Asterhan, christa s c asterhan, maya s resnick

Abstract Effective instruction for conceptual change should aim to reduce the interference of irrelevant knowledge structures, as well improve sense-making counterintuitive scientific notions. Refutation texts are designed support such processes, yet evidence its effect on individual robust, complex misconceptions has not been equivocal. In present work, we examine whether effects refutation text reading in biological evolution can be...

(2020) | Learning and Instruction
alejandro sanchez de miguel, andreas jechow, andrew molthan, boris a portnov, christopher c m kyba, christopher d elvidge, Noam Levin, miguel o roman, qingling zhang, ranjay m shrestha, steven d miller, xi li, zhuosen wang

Abstract Remote sensing of night light emissions in the visible band offers a unique opportunity to directly observe human activity from space. This has allowed host applications including mapping urban areas, estimating population and GDP, monitoring disasters conflicts. More recently, remotely sensed lights data have found use understanding environmental impacts (light pollution), their on health. In this review, we outline historical...

(2020) | Remote Sensing of Environment
eric murillorodriguez, gloria arankowskysandoval, linda a parker, Raphael Mechoulam, roger g pertwee

Abstract Cannabidiolic acid methyl ester (HU-580) is a more stable compound than cannabidiolic (CBDA) which has been shown to be effective in reducing nausea, anxiety, depression behaviors animal models. Here we extend the investigation of this determine its effect on sleep-wake cycle male Wistar rats. HU-580 dose-dependently (0.1, 1.0 or 100??g/Kg, i.p.) prolonged wakefulness (W) and decreased slow wave sleep (SWS) duration whereas rapid eye...

(2020) | Brain Research Bulletin
Uri Banin, doaa jbaraagbaria, gil aizik, Gershon Golomb, majd agbaria, meital bendavidnaim, mirjam m nordlingdavid, nir waiskopf

Abstract Quantum dots offer superior optical features and hold a great potential as an imaging tool in comparison to ?conventional? fluorescent dyes. However, vivo application inflammatory-associated disorders is limited due toxicity following systemic administration. Vascular inflammation contributes cardiovascular diseases such restenosis (re-narrowing of the artery angioplasty), poor prognosis associated with increased number...

(2020) | Journal of Controlled Release
Alexander Lubotzky, Ori Parzanchevski

Ramanujan graphs are whose spectrum is bounded optimally. Such have found numerous applications in combinatorics and computer science. In recent years, a high-dimensional theory has e...

(2020) | Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
aaron a dutton, andrea v maccio, Avishai Dekel, fangzhou jiang, guy ishai, jonathan freundlich, nicolas cornuault, sharon lapiner
(2020) | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Raphael Mechoulam, natalya m kogan, pal pacher

Research in the cannabinoid field, namely on phytocannabinoids, endogenous cannabinoids anandamide and 2-arachidonoyl glycerol their metabolizing synthetic enzymes, rece...

(2020) | Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology
a etchegoyen, f sanchez, m roth, nicolas gonzalez, Michael Roth

Abstract The observation of an ultra-high energy photon component the cosmic radiation is one open problems in Astroparticle Physics. stringent theoretical and experimental upper limits to flux above 100?TeV make search a weak signal vast hadronic ray background challenging task. At these energies, primaries entering atmosphere develop extensive air shower which driven by electromagnetic processes with poor muon component. content showers...

(2020) | Astroparticle Physics
arezoo dianat, evgeniy mervinetsky, gianaurelio cuniberti, israel alshanski, jorg buchwald, kiran kumar tadi, mattan hurevich, rafael gutierrez, Shlomo Yitzchaik

Oxytocin is a peptide hormone with high affinity to both Zn2+ and Cu2+ ions compared other metal ions. This makes oxytocin an attractive recognition layer for monitoring the levels of these essential in biofluids. Native cannot differentiate between hence it not useful sensing presence Cu2+. We elucidated effect terminal amine group on toward using theoretical calculations. designed new selective oxytocin-based biosensor that utilizes surface...

(2020) | Journal of Materials Chemistry B