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amit goldenberg, danyang kong, david garcia, golijeh golarai, james j gross, jamil zaki
(2020) | Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
a cieply, a gal, Nir Barnea, betzalel bazak, e friedman, j mares, jaroslava hrtankova, m schafer
(2020) | Acta Physica Polonica B
Gad Baneth, fernando tecles, jose j ceron, luis pardomarin, silvia martinezsubiela

Abstract The main objective of the present study was to evaluate acute phase protein (APP) concentrations that dogs naturally infected with Leishmania infantum show in different clinical stages disease staged according Leishvet and CLWG classifications. In addition, these classifications are compared groups based on APP recommendations published recently. Medical records 458 leishmaniosis whose samples were submitted our laboratory for...

(2020) | Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology
a levy, anat levizada, daniela fefer, david nestel, john a byers, polychronis rempoulakis, sara steiner, y gazit, Boaz Yuval

Abstract Fruit flies in the genus Bactrocera are among most destructive insect pests of fruits and vegetables throughout world. A number studies have identified volatiles from fruit flies, but few reports demonstrated behavioral effects or sensitivities fly antennae to these compounds. We applied a recently developed method automated headspace analysis using SPME (Solid Phase Microextraction) fibers GC?MS (gas chromatography mass...

(2020) | Journal of Insect Physiology
Amotz Agnon, bruce d spencer, edward m brooks, james s neely, leah salditch, mian liu, seth stein

Abstract Long records often show large earthquakes occurring in supercycles, sequences of temporal clusters seismicity, cumulative displacement, and strain release separated by less active intervals. Supercycles associated earthquake are only partly characterized via the traditionally used aperiodicity, which measures extent that a sequence differs from perfectly periodic. not well described commonly models recurrence. In Poisson model,...

(2020) | Tectonophysics
Einat Aharonov, david m broday, dror laufer, mike adel, Uri Dayan

Abstract This study compares oil and gas industry benchmark non-methane volatile organic compounds emission data with predicted reported emissions from a number of recent case studies. Specifically, we contrast the Tamar Leviathan processing platforms in Eastern Mediterranean actual where available, compilation benchmarks. work reveals series flaws adopted EIA practices studies discussed, starting model that grossly underestimates...

(2020) | Environmental Impact Assessment Review
Binyamin Zuckerman, Einav Gross, Leonid Livshits, leonor romeroafrima, maayan shaked, rachel abergel, Veronica Zelmanovich, yoav smith, Zohar Abergel

Abstract Iron is vital for the life of most organisms. However, when dysregulated, iron can catalyze formation oxygen (O2) radicals that destroy any biological molecule and thus lead to oxidative injury death. Therefore, metabolism must be tightly regulated at all times, as well coordinated with O2. how this achieved whole animal level not understood. Here, we explore question using nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Exposure worms O2...

(2020) | Redox biology
abraham j domb, anthony t vella, Abraham Domb, jiana t baker, michael r arul, ohan s manoukian, sangamesh g kumbar, swetha rudraiah

Abstract Peripheral nerve injuries can be extremely debilitating, resulting in sensory and motor loss-of-function. Endogenous repair is limited to non-severe which transection of nerves necessitates surgical intervention. Traditional treatment approaches include the use biological grafts alternative engineering have made progress. The current article serves as a comprehensive, in-depth perspective on peripheral regeneration, particularly...

(2020) | Journal of Controlled Release
Alexander Lubotzky, Alex Lubotzky, oren becker

Abstract In recent years, there has been a considerable amount of interest in the stability finitely-generated group ? with respect to sequence groups { G n } = 1 ? , equipped bi-invariant metrics d . We consider case U ( ) (resp. Sym ), normalized Hilbert-Schmidt metric HS Hamming ). Our main result is that if infinite, hyperlinear sofic) and Property T then it not stable This answers question Hadwin Shulman regarding SL 3 Z also deduce...

(2020) | Journal of Functional Analysis

To the provocations by Munir (in this issue) and others who call on (neo)institutional theory to become more critical, I rebut asking: Hasn?t institutional always been critical?! In respo...

(2020) | Organization Theory
alon kahani, mauro ferrante, Noam Shoval, stefano de cantis

Abstract No tourism study to date, has examined the ability of incentives shape spatio-temporal behaviour tourists. Data collected from port Palermo in Sicily (Italy), using traditional survey instruments as well GPS technology, was employed investigate effect on cruise passengers' space-time activities. The results show incentives' clear and significant impact influencing activities while visiting city. Understanding movement patterns...

(2020) | Annals of Tourism Research
abraham j domb, awanish kumar, Abraham Domb, elana markovitz, moran haim zada, omar elmalak, ruthy icekson

Abstract Biodegradable poly(l-lactide-co-e-caprolactone) (PLCL) are used to prepare inflatable balloon implants in treating rotator-cuff injuries and tissue separation. These act as a temporary spacer for tissues, while reducing pain allowing rehabilitation after surgery. It is essential ensure that each fulfill two requirements implantation: (1) display well-defined degradation profile, (2) remain unaffected by premature rapture or leakage....

(2020) | International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Saul Burdman, jianqiang li, laixin luo, na jiang, qingyang lyu, sining han, yumin kan

Abstract Acidovorax citrulli, the causal agent of bacterial fruit blotch (BFB) disease, infects cucurbit crops including watermelon and melon. This bacterium can enter viable but nonculturable (VBNC) state following exposure to copper sulfate. Moreover, copper-induced VBNC A. citrulli cells be resuscitated by EDTA. In this study, isobaric tag for relative absolute quantification (iTRAQ) was used compare protein profiles cells, at different...

(2020) | Journal of Proteomics
a j van der horst, a rowlinson, b w stappers, d buckley, e koerding, enrico j kotze, evangelia tremou, Assaf Horesh, i heywood, iain mcdonald, j c a millerjones, k m rajwade, k mooley, l n driessen, m caleb, p a woudt, p j groot, r a m j wijers, r p armstrong, r p fender, s potter, v a mcbride

We report the discovery of first transient with MeerKAT, MKT J170456.2$-$482100, discovered in ThunderKAT images low mass X-ray binary GX339$-$4. J170456.2$-$482100 is variable radio, reaching a maximum flux density $0.71\pm0.11\,\mathrm{mJy}$ on 2019 Oct 12, and undetected 15 out 48 epochs. coincident chromospherically active K-type sub-giant TYC 8332-2529-1, $\sim18\,\mathrm{years}$ archival optical photometry star shows that it varies...

(2020) | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

Abstract Molecular imaging involves minimally-invasive quantitative measurement of biological processes in vivo, complementing biosample-based analyses. can provide unique insight into disease and guide precision oncology, ranging from improved diagnosis to monitoring treatment response. This chapter presents the application molecular study drug efflux transporters. It introduces established emerging technologies probes used predicting...

(2020) |
ayala dvir, d kalo, d wolfenson, gabriel leitner, ori furman, David Wolfenson, y lavon, z roth

Abstract Mastitis has deleterious effects on ovarian function and reproductive performance. We studied the association between plasma or follicular fluid (FF) obtained from endotoxin-induced mastitic cows, oocyte developmental competence. Lactating Holstein cows were synchronized using Ovsynch protocol. On Day 6 of cycle, an additional PGF2? dose was administered, either Escherichia coli endotoxin (LPS, 10??g; n?=?3 cows) saline (n?=?3...

(2020) | Theriogenology