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Orna Amster-Choder, anat nussbaumshochat, nitsan albocher, orna amsterchoder, Sutharsan Govindarajan, tamar szoke
(2018) | Frontiers in Microbiology
chaofeng jiang, jiwei xie, oded aharonson, ofir

The high planetary multiplicity revealed by Kepler implies that Transit Time Variations (TTVs) are intrinsically common. usual procedure for detecting these TTVs is biased to long-period, deep transit planets whereas most transiting have short periods and shallow transits. Here we introduce the Spectral Approach technique allows expanding catalog towards lower TTV amplitude, shorter orbital period, shallower depth. In assume a sinusoidal...

(2018) | Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series
arkady krasnovsky, Yitzhak Hadar, housam kanaan, katan, leah tsror, Michael Raviv, sara mordechailebiush, shlomit medina

ABSTRACTSeveral composts were tested for their capacity to moderate the effect of Verticillium dahliae Kleb. (VCG B4, VD) on eggplant (Solanum melongena) under greenhouse conditions. Eggplants plantlets inoculated by immersing roots in conidial suspension and then planted pots filled with mixtures compost or peat moss, mixed perlite. Six moss tested, which tomato waste suppressed V. dahliae, turkey litter partially it. Reduced levels symptoms...

(2018) | Compost Science & Utilization
claudia gottier, eilam nir, einat nissimeliraz, gerhard rogler, marianne spalinger, martin leutenegger, michael scharl, nahum shpigel, noga marsiano, ramona bruckner, silvia lang, yagel
(2018) | Journal of Crohns & Colitis
Simon Emmanuel, yevgeny kreisserman

During hydraulic fracturing, a technique often used to extract hydrocarbons from shales, large volumes of water are injected into the subsurface. Although fluid typically contains various reagents, it can become further contaminated by interaction with minerals present in rocks. Pyrite, which is common organic-rich potential source toxic elements, including arsenic and lead, generally thought that for these elements mobilized, pyrite must...

(2018) | Environmental Science & Technology
Alexander Khain, magaritzronen, Mark Pinsky
(2018) | Journal of Geophysical Research
bauke albada, eyal golub, Dmitri Gelman, mariusz wolff, Itamar Willner, yonatan biniuri

A concept to tailor catalytic nucleic acid structures is introduced. The method involves the covalent conjugation of catalytically active metal ion complexes sequence-specific ligand-binding acids (aptamers) yielding hybrids termed ?nucleoapzymes? that act as enzyme-mimicking based structures. concentration substrate by aptamer binding site, in close proximity complex models site native enzymes and yields systems. possibility tether sites 3?-...

(2018) | ACS Catalysis
eran katzir, hen alpern, Oded Millo, nir sukenik, Shira Yochelis, yossi paltiel
(2018) | Journal of Physics Communications
alejandra rosales, baubock, eisenhauer, elad steinberg, gillessen, Orly Gnat, habibi, jason dexter, pfuhl, plewa, reinhard genzel, sebastiano von fellenberg, thomas ott, waisberg

The G2 object has recently passed its pericenter passage in our Galactic Center. While the $Br_\gamma$ emission shows clear signs of tidal interaction, change observed luminosity is only about a factor 2, contention with all previous predictions. ?We present high resolution simulations performed moving mesh code, RICH, together simple analytical arguments that reproduce emission. In model, gas cloud undergoes disruption dilute ambient medium....

(2018) | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Gad Baneth, dalit talmifrank, iva rohousova, Charles Jaffe, koranit rishpon, michaela vlkova, moshe ephros, petr volf, tatiana spitzova

Abstract.Leishmania spp. are medically important unicellular parasites transmitted by phlebotomine sand flies. The World Health Organization recently highlighted the importance of reliable diagnostic tools for leishmaniasis. Our study human infection was conducted in two endemic foci Leishmania tropica Galilee region, northern Israel. Elevated anti-Leishmania antibodies were present majority (78.6%) L. tropica-PCR positive individuals....

(2018) | American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Abedelmajeed Nasereddin, arie zackay, asrat hailu, Charles Jaffe, james cotton, mandy sanders, Alon Warburg

Leishmania donovani is the main cause of visceral leishmaniasis (VL) in East Africa. Differences between northern Ethiopia/Sudan (NE) and southern Ethiopia (SE) ecology, vectors, patient sensitivity to drug treatment have been described, however relationship differences parasite genotype these two foci phenotype unknown. Whole genomic sequencing (WGS) was carried out for 41 L. strains clones from VL VL/HIV co-infected patients NE (n = 28) SE...

(2018) | PLOS Genetics
behzad kharabimasouleh, fabian bick, john patterson, kerstin peters, michael huber, thomas wilhelm, Boaz Tirosh, vrinda mohta

// Thomas Wilhelm 1 , Fabian Bick Kerstin Peters Vrinda Mohta Boaz Tirosh 2 John B. Patterson 3 Behzad Kharabi-Masouleh 4 and Michael Huber Institute of Biochemistry Molecular Immunology, Medical Faculty, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany The Drug Research, Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel Fosun Orinove, Inc., Newbury Park, CA, USA Department Hematology, Oncology, Hemostaseology Stem Cell Transplantation, Correspondence to: Huber,...

(2018) | Oncotarget