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andreas andersson, ashly mcmahon, atsushi suzuki, atsushi watanabe, bradley eyre, chris langdon, coulson lantz, david kline, david koweek, derek manzello, dwight gledhill, emily shaw, Jonathan Erez, hajime kayanne, heather page, ian enochs, isaac santos, Jacob Silverman, jeanpierre gattuso, jorge corredor, kai schulz, Ken Caldeira, Boaz Lazar, lida teneva, melissa melendez, nicholas bates, rebecca albright, renee carlton, robert dunbar, shoji yamamoto, tyler cyronak

Worldwide, coral reef ecosystems are experiencing increasing pressure from a variety of anthropogenic perturbations including ocean warming and acidification, increased sedimentation, eutrophication, overfishing, which could shift reefs to condition net calcium carbonate (CaCO 3 ) dissolution erosion. Herein, we determine the calcification potential relative balance organic carbon metabolism (net community production; NCP) inorganic...

(2018) | PLOS ONE
Simon Emmanuel, yoni israeli

Both chemical and mechanical processes act together to control the weathering rate of rocks. In rocks with micrometer size grains, enhanced dissolution at grain boundaries has been observed cause detachment particles. However, it remains unclear how important this effect is in larger overall influenced by proportion high- low-reactivity mineral phases. Here, we use a numerical model assess on chemo-mechanical detachment. Our shows that as...

(2018) | Earth Surface Dynamics Discussions
geraldine wright, Sharoni Shafir, susan nicolson

Honey bees feed on floral nectar and pollen that they store in their colonies as honey bee bread. Social division of labor enables the collection stores food are consumed by within-hive convert stored into royal jelly. Royal jelly other glandular secretions primary growing larvae queen but also fed to colony members. Research clearly shows regulate intake, like animals, around specific proportions macronutrients. This form regulation is done...

(2018) | Annual Review of Entomology

Compiling the catalogue of genes actively involved in tumorigenesis (known as cancer drivers) is an ongoing endeavor, with profound implications to understanding and treatment disease. An abundance computational methods have been developed screening genome for candidate driver based on genomic data somatic mutations tumors. Most rely detecting displaying excessive mutation rates compared some background model. This approach susceptible false...

(2018) | bioRxiv
Omri Gat, mark popov

We analyze theoretically and numerically the nonlinear process of pulse formation in mode locked lasers starting from a perturbation continuous wave. Focusing on weak to moderate dispersion systems, we show that growth is initially slow, dominated by cascade energy low high axial modes, followed fast strongly finally relaxation stable waveform. The grows condensing fixed amount into decreasing time interval, with peak power growing toward...

(2018) | Physical Review A
giacomo fragione

The relaxed distribution of stars around a massive black hole is known to follow cusp profile $\rho(r)\propto r^{-\alpha}$ with characteristic slope $\alpha=7/4$. This follows from energy conservation and scattering rate as given by two body encounters. However, we show that injection close the hole, i.e. source term in standard picture, modifies this profile. In steady-state configuration, develops central region typical $\alpha=9/4$ which...

(2018) | The Astrophysical Journal
doron weinfeld, marat maayan, Yoel (Casali) Sasson, uri stoin, yoel sasson

An air treatment unit may include an inlet to receive a flow of input for and reaction reservoir configured hold aqueous solution. The also dispersing element connected with the inlet, wherein is convert at least portion into plurality microbubbles introduction solution, such that amount one or more target gas species contained within reduced through outlet output treated from reservoir.

(2018) |
Ronen Hazan, sarit sternberg, shunit coppenhagenglazer, sivan alkalay

ABSTRACT The new highly effective Bacillus anthracis phages Negev_SA, Carmel_SA, and Tavor_SA were isolated from soil samples, their complete genomes sequenced analyzed. have potential use in future phage therapy treatment against anthrax.

(2018) | Genome Announcements
adepeju esther onasanya, iris eisenberg, ketan shrestha, Rina Meidan, noa wigoda, ronit yalu, simcha yagel, tal imbar
(2018) | Reproduction
Alexei Shir, idit sagivbarfi, Alexander Levitzki, maya zigler, nufar edinger, Shoshana Klein, Tamar Geiger, yael langut
(2018) | The Journal of Infectious Diseases
ali khatibi, jeni chen, julien cohenadad, kristina martinu, marieclaude guertin, Aviv Mezer, nikola stikov, pierre rainville, simon levy
(2018) | PLOS ONE
joseph maina, Noam Levin, maria beger, mcclanahan, Salit Kark

ABSTRACTThe economic and socio-political interactions between countries can have major impacts on transboundary conservation decisions outcomes. Here, we examined for 14 Western Indian Ocean (WIO) continental island nations the extent of their marine coral reef species, fisheries protected areas (MPAs), in context geopolitical socio-economic connections. We also role external organisations collaboration within region. found large variation...

(2018) | Australasian Journal of Environmental Management
adriana lis, claudia capella, geoff goodman, katharina weitkamp, marc noom, nick midgley, Tishby Orya
(2018) | Psychotherapy Research
bayan mashahreh, einav cohenkfir, Fouad Hassouna, nadine soudah, roi strulovich, Reuven Wiener, Yoni Haitin

All ubiquitin-like proteins (UBLs) undergo an activation process before their conjugation to target proteins. Although the steps required for of UBLs are conserved and common all UBLs, we have previously shown that UBL, ubiquitin fold modifier 1 (UFM1) by E1, Ufm1 modifier-activating enzyme 5 (UBA5) is executed in a trans-binding mechanism, not observed any other E1. In this study, explored necessity mechanism UFM1 found it needed only...

(2018) | The FASEB Journal
Yael Helman, igor kviatkovski, nirpaz, schwartzharari, shushan, yarnitzky

2-Aminoacetophneone (2-AA) is a volatile molecule produced in high amounts by the opportunistic pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa. We have previously shown that 2-AA activates quorum sensing (QS) LuxR receptor of Aliivibrio fischeri. In present study we were able to improve LuxR's affinity and detection limit for genetic modification three amino acids within binding pocket receptor. Expression modified luminescent bacterial biosensor provided...

(2018) | Chemical Communications