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Yechezkel Barenholz, dalit landesmanmilo, dan peer, kavita thakur, leoni a kunzschughart, manu smriti singh, meir goldsmith, sushmita chatterjee, tally levy

Failure of cancer therapies in clinical settings is often attributed to lack relevant tumor model and pathological heterogeneity across types the clinic. The objective this study was develop a robust vivo that better represents tumors for evaluation anti-cancer therapies. We successfully developed simple mouse based on 3D cell culture by injecting single spheroid compared it routinely used suspension from 2D monolayer culture. further...

(2020) | Nanoscale
Daniel Mandler, ori geuli

We present an electrochemical approach for depositing composites made of two insoluble inorganic materials, which cannot be obtained by the conventional deposition from ionic speices. Applying a negative potential in aqueous solution generates OH?, simultaneously destabilizes dispersed nanomaterials, such as phosphates and sulfides causes metal hydroxide its dissolved ions.

(2020) | Chemical Communications

The proposal that the protocol in our study (1) is not very different from implementing an intermittent fasting regimen with a feeding window of 5.5 h (0930?1500 h), corresponding to 18.5 daily (2), correct. It has been shown inherent timing component provides time cue for circadian clock. For example, time-restricted feeding, which limits and duration food availability without calorie reduction, affects clocks peripheral tissues causing...

(2020) | Diabetes Care
Saul Burdman, dafna shkedy, francisco perezmontano, guido sessa, gustavo mateus da silva, irene jimenezguerrero, lorena pizarro, maya bar, mei zhao, naama wagner, r r walcott, tal pupko
(2020) | Molecular Plant Pathology
david a moscovitch, Jonathan Huppert, jonathan d huppert, mia romano, morris moscovitch, susanna g reimer

Abstract Imagery rescripting (IR) is an effective intervention for social anxiety disorder (SAD) that targets negative autobiographical memories. IR has been theorized to work through various memory mechanisms, including modifying the content of representations, changing appraisals, and improving schema or core beliefs about self others. However, no prior studies have investigated unique effects itself relative other components on these...

(2020) | Journal of Anxiety Disorders
andreas zech, anne zilles, b theodore zhang, bo qin, c finley, c tasse, c timmermans, claire guepin, didier charrier, duan ran, f g schroder, f oikonomou, fabian schussler, fabrice mottez, guoliang lu, h b hu, ismael cognard, j alvarezmuniz, j p lenain, jianli zhang, julien bolmont, junhua gu, ke fang, kohta murase, krijn d de vries, kumiko kotera, m mostafa, m roth, matias tueros, mauricio bustamante, nicolas renaulttinacci, o martineauhuynh, p zarka, peter b denton, qian zheng, quanbu gou, r engel, rafael alves batista, Michael Roth, sandra le coz, sijbrand jan de jong, stefano gabici, t pierog, v aswathi balagopal, valentin decoene, valentin niess, w carvalho, xiangli qian, xiangping wu, yan huang, yi zhang

The Giant Radio Array for Neutrino Detection (GRAND) is a planned large-scale observatory of ultra-high-energy (UHE) cosmic particles, with energies exceeding 108 GeV. Its goal to solve the long-standing mystery origin UHE rays. To do this, GRAND will detect an unprecedented number rays and search undiscovered neutrinos gamma associated them unmatched sensitivity. use large arrays antennas radio emission coming from extensive air showers...

(2020) | Science China-physics Mechanics & Astronomy
alexey bingor, Rami Yaka
(2020) | Methods of Molecular Biology
Ahmad Masarwa, nadim eghbarieh, nivesh kumar, reddy rajasekhar reddy

Organoborons are extremely important for synthetic organic chemistry; they can serve as advanced intermediates a variety of transformations. Such well-known transformation involves the loss boron moiety, creating alkyl radicals. Although these originally developed protocols radical generation remain in active use today, recent years their ?-boryl carbon-centred radicals have been joined by new array strategies that offer unique reactivity to...

(2020) | Chemical Communications
e gavze, e ilotoviz, Alexander Khain

AbstractAn efficient semi-Lagrangian (SL) numerical scheme for the advection of positive definite microphysical variables in cloud resolving models (CRMs) is proposed. The a linear combin...

(2019) | Monthly Weather Review
avanidhar subrahmanyam, Doron Avramov, guy kaplanski
(2019) |
adam m large, benoit bediou, c shawn green, daphne bavelier, Yuval Hart, sezen cekic

Over the past 30 years, a large body of research has accrued demonstrating that video games are capable placing substantial demands on human cognitive, emotional, physical, and social processing systems. Within cognitive realm, playing belonging to one particular genre, known as action game been consistently linked with host abilities including perception, top-down attention, multitasking, spatial cognition. More recently, number new genres...

(2019) | Media and Communication
alfred iing yoong tok, loo pin yeo, Shlomo Magdassi, Daniel Mandler, ori geuli, tam d nguyen
(2019) | Chemistry: A European Journal
agata gitlindomagalska, Chaim Gilon, israel alshanski, johnny n naoum, mattan hurevich, moshe bentolila

Mixing of polystyrene resins in solid-phase synthesis is performed by shaking or gentle agitation the reaction vessel to avoid breaking brittle beads. These mixing strategies result poor diffusion and into Using a large excess reagents common way compensate for these deficiencies. We use fast overhead stirring performing coupling reactions on solid support. show that enhances efficiency amide bond formation support compared state-of-the-art...

(2019) | Organic Process Research & Development
dan cohen, laura ortiz, Alexander Retzker, tuvia gefen

The ultimate precision limit in estimating the Larmor frequency of $N$ unentangled rotating spins is well established, and highly important for magnetometers, gyroscopes many other sensors. However this assumes perfect, single addressing, measurements spins. This requirement not practical NMR spectroscopy, as physical systems, where a weakly interacting external probe used measurement device. Here we show that framework quantum nano-NMR which...

(2019) | arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.09062
gal horesh, Elad Gross, mazal carmielkostan, sally nijem, Shahar Dery

Identifying the influence of atomic order on catalytic reactivity bimetallic catalysts is essential for their rational design. However, synthesis atomically-ordered nanostructures under mild conditions not trivial and in many cases a mixture various compositions formed. Here we show simple highly versatile approach Pt-Co nanoporous network (BNN) demonstrate preparation BNN?s reactivity. High surface area Pt3Co BNN was prepared by reduction...

(2019) | Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Karim Adiprasito, daniel kalmanovich, eran nevo

We consider the realization space of $d$-dimensional cube, and show that any two realizations are connected by a finite sequence projective transformations normal transformations. use this fact to define an analog sum construction for cubical $d$-polytopes, apply certain $d$-polytopes conclude rays spanned $f$-vectors dense in Adin's cone. The connectivity result on cubes extends product simplices, further, it shows respective spaces...

(2019) | arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.09554
a corsi, a dugas, a galyam, adam goldstein, anna y q ho, ben rusholme, c barbarino, c fremling, chowchoong ngeow, claes fransson, d a perley, d d s hale, daniel a goldstein, david k khatami, david l shupe, eran o ofek, eric burns, eric c bellm, francesco taddia, frank j masci, g petitpas, hanna sai, Assaf Horesh, igor andreoni, itai sfaradi, j bright, j sollerman, kishalay de, maayane t soumagnac, mansi m kasliwal, maria t patterson, matthew j graham, mattias ergon, n paul m kuin, nadia blagorodnova, p nugent, r lunnan, r p fender, richard dekany, richard walters, s bradley cenko, shri kulkarni, steve schulze, t hung, t kupfer, virginia cunningham, x zhang, xiaofeng wang, y tachibana, yuhan yao

Author(s): Ho, Anna YQ; Goldstein, Daniel A; Schulze, Steve; Khatami, David K; Perley, Ergon, Mattias; Gal-Yam, Avishay; Corsi, Alessandra; Andreoni, Igor; Barbarino, Cristina; Bellm, Eric C; Blagorodnova, Nadia; Bright, Joe S; Burns, Eric; Cenko, S Bradley; Cunningham, Virginia; De, Kishalay; Dekany, Richard; Dugas, Alison; Fender, Rob P; Fransson, Claes; Fremling, Christoffer; Adam; Graham, Matthew J; Hale, David; Horesh, Assaf; Hung, Tiara; Kasliwal,...

(2019) | The Astrophysical Journal
Yan Dolinsky, erhan bayraktar, leonid dolinskyi

In this paper we study utility maximization with proportional transaction costs. Assuming extended weak convergence of the underlying processes prove corresponding problems. Moreover, establish a limit theorem for optimal trading strategies. The proofs are based on theory developed in [1] and Meyer--Zheng topology introduced [19].

(2019) | arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.08863
danilo licastro, estefania hinarejos, iris bertani, Asaf Levy, michael p myers, stephane compant, susan mosquito, vittorio venturi
(2019) | Molecular Plant-microbe Interactions