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Uri Banin, danielle perry, lior verbitsky, nir waiskopf, sergei remennik
(2019) | Chemcatchem
David Avnir, racheli benknaz wakshlak, Rami Pedahzur

We report a biocidal zombie effect of chlorhexidine, wide-scope agent commonly used in disinfectant and antiseptic formulations. The refers to the ability dead bacteria killed by act as efficient agents toward new generation viable bacteria. serve reservoir for antibacterial incorporated within them; population acts trap bioactive agent, shifting equilibrium this between cells their aqueous environment. This is major generalization phenomenon...

(2019) | ACS Omega
a corsi, a t deller, d a frail, Ehud Nakar, gregg hallinan, Assaf Horesh, k mooley, Kenta Hotokezaka, ore gottlieb, s bourke
(2019) | Nature
christoph reichert, Leon Deouell, hansjochen heinze, heidi e kirsch, hermann hinrichs, leon y deouell, robert t knight, stefan durschmid
(2019) | Cerebral Cortex
abraham j domb, awanish kumar, Abraham Domb, guy mechrez, moran haim zada, omar elmalak

Poly-l-lactide-co-e-caprolactone (PLCL) is a unique polymer containing both polylactic acid and poly-e-caprolactone (PCL) chain units, thus it has better flexible biodegradable properties. Based on these properties of PLCL, we have developed balloons that are now widely used in treating major medical problems [Biomaterials 2016, 105, 109?116]. One the most important considerations needed for to ensure material remain similar after undergoing...

(2019) | ACS Omega
Micha Mandel, naomi kaplan damary, sarena wiesner, yaron shor, yoram yekutieli

Footwear comparison is an important type of forensic evidence used to link between a suspect's shoe and footprint found at crime scene. Besides the size shoe, investigators compare trace source using randomly acquired characteristics (RACs), such as scratches or holes, in order distinguish similar shoes. However, date, distribution RAC has not been investigated thoroughly, evidential value RACs yet be explored. A first question concerns...

(2019) | arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.08272
Benny Chefetz, hui li, jay gan, laura j carter, qiuguo fu, tomer malchi

Irrigation with treated wastewater (TWW) and application of biosolids introduce numerous pharmaceutical personal care products (PPCPs) into agro-food systems. While the use TWW has many societal benefits, introduction PPCPs in production agriculture poses potential food safety human health risks. A comprehensive risk assessment management scheme systems is limited by multiple factors, not least sheer number investigated compounds their...

(2019) | Environmental Science & Technology
saar rahav, Raam Uzdin

Recently implemented quantum devices such as processors and simulators combine highly complicated dynamics with high-resolution measurements. We present a passivity deformation methodology that sets thermodynamic constraints on the evolution of devices. This framework enhances predictive power by simultaneously resolving four cardinal deficiencies second law in microscopic setups: i) It yields tight bounds even when environment is microscopic;...

(2019) | arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.07922
amal hajyahya, Hagai Bergman, david arkadir, eduard linetsky, muneer abu snineh, renana eitan, zvi israel
(2019) | Journal of Parkinson's disease
jacob b khurgin, Uriel Levy

Plasmon-assisted hot carrier processes in metal nanoparticles can be described either classically or using the full strength of quantum mechanics. We reconfirm that from practical applications point view, when it comes to description decay plasmons nanoparticles, classical is sufficiently adequate for all but smallest nanoparticles. At same time, electron temperature rise discrete (quantized) and neglecting this fact lead significant...

(2019) | arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.07684
christian r kowol, Dan Gibson, isabella poetsch, petra heffeter, subhendu karmakar

Pt(II) complexes, such as cisplatin and oxaliplatin, are in widespread use anticancer drugs. Their is limited by the toxic side effects ability of tumors to develop resistance A popular approach overcome these drawbacks their kinetically inert octahedral Pt(IV) derivatives that act prodrugs. The most successful complex clinical trials date satraplatin, cct-[Pt(NH3)(c-hexylamine)Cl2(OAc)2], upon cellular reduction releases cytotoxic...

(2019) | Inorganic Chemistry
alona shachter, ariela knaanie, e d ungar, Jaime Kigel, nativ dudai, shilo navon, t glasser

Goat herding is an important tool in the ecologically sound management of Mediterranean shrublands and woodlands, although effective levels woody biomass removal by goats neither guaranteed nor easy to predict. Preliminary observations indicated that one reason for this may be poor understanding plant-herbivore interactions operate intraspecifically at local spatial scale. We asked, whether show intraspecific preferences among neighboring...

(2019) | Journal of Chemical Ecology
adam jelinski, batya cohen, filip bochner, hanoch tempelhof, julian nicenboim, karina yaniv, michal neeman, ofra golani, raya eilam, Tal Raz, ron even, roni oren, shifra bendor, shlomi lazar, yoseph addadi

Angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis are key processes during embryogenesis as well under physiological pathological conditions. Vascular endothelial growth factor C (VEGFC), the ligand for both VEGFR2 VEGFR3, is a central lymphangiogenic regulator that also drives angiogenesis. Here we report members of highly conserved BACH (BTB CNC homology) family transcription factors regulate VEGFC expression, through direct binding to its promoter....

(2019) | bioRxiv
abd nir barnea, betzalel bazak, moti eliyahu

Lattice simulations are the only viable way to obtain ab-initio Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) predictions for low energy nuclear physics. These calculations, however, done in a finite box and therefore extrapolation is needed get free space results. Here we use Effective Fields Theory (EFT), designed provide description of QCD using baryonic degrees freedom, extrapolate lattice results from infinite volume. To this end, fit EFT calculated with...

(2019) | arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.07017
a leviatan, f iachello, Amiram Leviatan, n gavrielov

We present a detailed analysis of spectra and other observables for the entire chain Zr isotopes, from neutron number 52 to 70, in framework interacting boson model with configuration mixing. The results suggest remarkable interplay multiple quantum phase transitions (QPTs). One type QPT involves an abrupt crossing normal intruder configurations, superimposed on second involving gradual shape-changes within each configuration.

(2019) | arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.08708
akram obiedat, david e gilham, einat seidel, eric chevet, jennifer bolsee, julie taischmiedel, lorraine springuel, Ofer Mandelboim, miriam shmuel, mohamed mahameed, noam sternginossar, priya dipta, Boaz Tirosh, tony avril, yoav charpakamikam

The B7 family member, B7H6, is a ligand for the natural killer cell receptor NKp30. B7H6 hardly expressed on normal tissues, but undergoes upregulation different types of tumors, implicating it as an attractive target cancer immunotherapy. molecular mechanisms that control expression are poorly understood. We report in contrast to other NK ligands, endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress upregulates mRNA levels and surface expression. induction by...

(2019) | Journal of Molecular Medicine
dorrit inbar, kineret inbar, Yonatan Kupchik, liran a levi, nimrod bernat, tal odesser, yonatan m kupchik

Cocaine-driven changes in the modulation of neurotransmission by neuromodulators are poorly understood. The ventral pallidum (VP) is a key structure reward system, which GABA regulated opioid neuropeptides, including dynorphin. However, it not known whether dynorphin acts differently on different cell types VP and its effects altered withdrawal from cocaine. Here, we trained wild-type, D1-Cre, A2A-Cre or vGluT2-Cre:Ai9 male female mice...

(2019) | The Journal of Neuroscience