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Researcher interests: The cuneiform corpus of the ancient Mesopotamian “lamentation-priest“ written in the emesal register of Sumerian. Sumerian and Akkadian rituals. Akkadian commentaries of the first millennium BCE and their influence on early Hebrew exegesis.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

enrique jimenez, Uri Gabbay
cultural imports and local products in the commentaries from uruk the case of the gimil sin family (2019)| | Read more
Uri Gabbay, odette boivin
a hymn of ayadaragalama king of the first sealand dynasty to the gods of nippur the fate of nippur and its cult during the first sealand dynasty (2018)| Zeitschrift Fur Assyriologie Und Vorderasiatische Archaologie| Read more
drums hearts bulls and dead gods the theology of the ancient mesopotamian kettledrum (2018)| Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions| Read more
specification as a hermeneutical technique in babylonian and assyrian commentaries (2018)| Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel| Read more
veiled she circles the city a late babylonian variation on an ersema to inana vat 7826 (2017)| Journal of Near Eastern Studies| Read more
levels of meaning and textual polysemy in akkadian and hebrew exegetical texts (2017)| | Read more
arik eisenkraft, benzion bobrovsky, david kushnir, elon glassberg, Uri Gabbay, gal yaniv, itay e gabbay, linn wagnert- avraham, linn wagnertavraham, roy nadler
the approximated cardiovascular reserve index complies with haemorrhage related hemodynamic deterioration pattern a swine exsanguination model (2017)| Annals of medicine and surgery| Read more
Uri Gabbay, sam mirelman
text and performance tayyartu repetition in a mīs pi type incantation and an emesal prayer (2017)| Zeitschrift Fur Assyriologie Und Vorderasiatische Archaologie| Read more
ancient mesopotamian gods mythology cult and scripture (2017)| | Read more
literatures in contact the balag uru am ma ir ra bi and its akkadian translation uet 6 2 403 (2005)| Journal of Cuneiform Studies| Read more

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