Researcher interests: The origin of agriculture. Prehistoric burial customs: the appearance of cemeteries in prehistoric settlements. Computerized archaeology: developing mathematical and computational methods for archaeological research; computer simulation and 3D technology. Paleolithic flint technology.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

Leore Grosman, hadas goldgeier, natalie d munro
remembering a sacred place the depositional history of hilazon tachtit a natufian burial cave (2019)| Journal of Anthropological Archaeology| Read more
ahiad ovadia, Leore Grosman, laure dubreuil, ruth shahackgross
evidence of ritual breakage of a ground stone tool at the late natufian site of hilazon tachtit cave 12 000 years ago (2019)| PLOS ONE| Read more
Leore Grosman, naama glauber, Ortal Harush, Amit Zoran
on quantifying and visualizing the potter s personal style (2019)| Journal of Archaeological Science| Read more
dana shaham, david e friesem, Leore Grosman, itay abadi
lime plaster cover of the dead 12 000 years ago new evidence for the origins of lime plaster technology (2019)| Evolutionary Human Sciences| Read more
Leore Grosman, natalie d munro
the forager farmer transition in the southern levant ca 20 000 8 500 cal bp (2018)| | Read more
gadi herzlinger, Leore Grosman
agmt3 d a software for 3 d landmarks based geometric morphometric shape analysis of archaeological artifacts (2018)| PLOS ONE| Read more
dana shaham, francesco valletta, Leore Grosman, hadas goldgeier, itay abadi, laure dubreuil, natalie d munro, noa klein
a human face carved on a pebble from the late natufian site of nahal ein gev ii (2017)| Antiquity| Read more
gadi herzlinger, Leore Grosman, naama goreninbar
a new method for 3d geometric morphometric shape analysis the case study of handaxe knapping skill (2017)| Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports| Read more
alon barash, davida eisenbergdegen, Gonen Sharon, Leore Grosman, maya oron, uri berger
monumental megalithic burial and rock art tell a new story about the levant intermediate bronze dark ages (2017)| PLOS ONE| Read more

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