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Researcher interests: The culture, religion, history and science of the Ancient Near East. Sumerian and Akkadian cuneiform documents; cuneiform documents from the Land of Israel.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

alestine andre, Wayne Horowitz, ingrid kritsch
the gwich in boy in the moon and babylonian astronomy (2018)| Arctic Anthropology| Read more
Wayne Horowitz, Liora Kolska Horwitz, uzi avner
symbolism of the ibex motif in negev rock art (2017)| Journal of Arid Environments| Read more
cornelia wunsch, Wayne Horowitz, laurie pearce, Peter Zilberg, yehoshua greenberg
על נהרות בבל תעודות בכתב היתדות מראשית גלות בבל (2015)| | Read more
Wayne Horowitz, larry stillman, Peter Zilberg
cuneiform texts in the otago museum (2015)| NABU Nouvelles Assyriologiques Breves et Utilitaires| Read more
Wayne Horowitz, luis r siddall
cuneiform in australia and new zealand collections a first glimpse (2014)| Buried history : journal of the Australian Institute of Archaeology| Read more

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