Researcher interests: Cognitive development; cognitive processes. Basic numeric processing. Arithmetical problem solving; Developmental dyscalculia. Cerebral imaging. Numerical development. Learning disabilities.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Education
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Selected Publications

Sarit Ashkenazi, moran s macmull
math anxiety the relationship between parenting style and math self efficacy (2019)| Frontiers in Psychology| Read more
Sarit Ashkenazi, hannah restle, nitza markzigdon
mathematical learning and its difficulties in israel (2019)| | Read more
Sarit Ashkenazi, deema najjar
non adaptive strategy selection in adults with high mathematical anxiety (2018)| Scientific Reports| Read more
intentional and automatic processing of numerical information in mathematical anxiety testing the influence of emotional priming (2018)| Cognition & Emotion| Read more
Sarit Ashkenazi, Avishai Henik, isabel arend, kenneth s l yuen
space counts brain correlates of spatial and numerical representations in synaesthesia (2018)| Cortex| Read more
Sarit Ashkenazi, nitza markzigdon, sarit silverman
mathematical learning disability diagnosis and intervention an examination of the israeli education system (2018)| | Read more
Sarit Ashkenazi, shir shapira
number line estimation under working memory load dissociations between working memory subsystems (2017)| Trends in Neuroscience and Education| Read more
Sarit Ashkenazi, bert de smedt, orly rubinsten
editorial associations between reading and mathematics genetic brain imaging cognitive and educational perspectives (2017)| Frontiers in Psychology| Read more
Sarit Ashkenazi, yulia tsyganov
the cognitive estimation task is nonunitary evidence for multiple magnitude representation mechanisms among normative and adhd college students (2017)| Journal of Numerical Cognition| Read more
Sarit Ashkenazi, Avishai Henik, isabel arend, kenneth s l yuen, shiran ofir
automatic numerical spatial association in synaesthesia an fmri investigation (2017)| Neuropsychologia| Read more

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