Researcher interests: Cholinergic activities and their functions in the brain and the periphery; molecular biomedicine approaches for exploring the mechanisms underlying stress-associated diseases and developing innovative strategies for alleviating the consequences of traumatic experiences or chemical and inflammatory stresses. Molecular neurobiology. Messenger RNA studies.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

geula hanin, jochen klein, sebastian lobentanzer, Hermona Soreq
integrative transcriptomics reveals sexually dimorphic control of the cholinergic neurokine interface in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (2019)| Cell Reports| Read more
dario tejera, david s greenberg, dilek mercan, douglas t golenbock, eicke latz, juan m sanchezcaro, michael t heneka, mor hanan, Hermona Soreq
systemic inflammation impairs microglial aβ clearance through nlrp3 inflammasome (2019)| The EMBO Journal| Read more
alon friedman, clemens kirschbaum, kifah bani odeh, lena schindler, mohammed shaheen, rotem saarashkenazy, sophiahelen sass, Hermona Soreq
victims of war hair cortisol and dhea and their associations with trauma sequelae and resilience in adolescents living in the west bank (2019)| Psychoneuroendocrinology| Read more
alexa beiser, chunyu liu, daniel levy, honghuang lin, hugo j aparico, jane e freedman, jayandra j himali, jian rong, joel salinas, jonathan rosand, martin g larson, Hermona Soreq, sudha seshadri, tianxiao huan
whole blood microrna expression associated with stroke results from the framingham heart study (2019)| PLOS ONE| Read more
alon simchovitz, david s greenberg, estelle r bennett, mor hanan, nadav yayon, naomi niederhoffer, nimrod madrer, sebastian kadener, Hermona Soreq
neat1 is overexpressed in parkinson s disease substantia nigra and confers drug inducible neuroprotection from oxidative stress (2019)| The FASEB Journal| Read more
clemens kirschbaum, marla b sokolowski, Hermona Soreq
the role of hormone regulated molecular modulators in traumatic responses (2019)| Psychoneuroendocrinology| Read more
geula hanin, jochen klein, sebastian lobentanzer, Hermona Soreq
sex related perturbations in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder brains reflect microrna mediated cholinergic neurokine interactions (2019)| bioRxiv| Read more
andreas muehlberger, annemarie mouly, Shahar Arzy, brendan e depue, christine a rabinak, christopher a lowry, elizabeth a kensinger, graziano pinna, haley e haas, hilary a marusak, jacob raber, jessica minnier, julie boulanger bertolus, kirsi peltonen, leah t weingast, leroy lowe, maria kangas, michael a van der kooij, paula yamashita, seth d norrholm, Hermona Soreq, sydney weber boutros, youssef shiban
current understanding of fear learning and memory in humans and animal models and the value of a linguistic approach for analyzing fear learning and memory in humans (2019)| Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews| Read more
alon friedman, clemens kirschbaum, kifah bani odeh, lena schindler, mohammed shaheen, rotem saarashkenazy, Hermona Soreq
growing up during the israeli palestinian conflict the interplay of sense of coherence and the psychological and psychoendocrine consequences of traumatic stress (2019)| Psychoneuroendocrinology| Read more
fear fat and genes new answers to old questions (2019)| Frontiers for Young Minds| Read more
ben efron, david s greenberg, eleni kotsiliti, estelle r bennett, eyal shteyer, geula hanin, Mathias Heikenwalder, nadav yayon, Orit Pappo, Eli Pikarsky, rivka zangen, rotem haviv, shiran udi, Hermona Soreq, Joseph Tam, yoganathan r krishnamoorthy, yonat tzur
mirna 132 induces hepatic steatosis and hyperlipidaemia by synergistic multitarget suppression (2018)| Gut| Read more
alon simchovitz, efrat lasserkatz, jochen roeper, joshua a goldberg, Ronit Sharon, Hermona Soreq, weihua chiu, wolfgang h oertel
mutant α synuclein overexpression induces stressless pacemaking in vagal motoneurons at risk in parkinson s disease (2017)| The Journal of Neuroscience| Read more
alon simchovitz, d james surmeier, efrat lasserkatz, garry cooper, joshua a goldberg, Ronit Sharon, Hermona Soreq
functional segregation of voltage activated calcium channels in motoneurons of the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus (2015)| Journal of Neurophysiology| Read more

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