Researcher interests: The mechanism of exocytosis; Neurodegeneration: Development of drugs for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disorders.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

Daphne Atlas, evrim servili, Michael Trus
ion occupancy of the channel pore is critical for triggering excitation transcription et coupling (2019)| Cell Calcium| Read more
Daphne Atlas, daphne maayan, evrim servili, Michael Trus
β subunit of the voltage gated ca2 channel cav1 2 drives signaling to the nucleus via h ras (2018)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
Daphne Atlas, eilon sherman, Julia Sajman, Michael Trus
the l type voltage gated calcium channel co localizes with syntaxin 1a in nano clusters at the plasma membrane (2017)| Scientific Reports| Read more
Daphne Atlas, jorge alsinafernandez, katia lejnev, krister bokvist, lena khomsky, shani mistrielzerbib, tahel naveh, thomas b farb
thioredoxin mimetic peptides txm inhibit inflammatory pathways associated with high glucose and oxidative stress (2016)| Free Radical Biology and Medicine| Read more
Daphne Atlas, joanna jastrzebska, malgorzata filip, malgorzata frankowska
n acetylcysteine amide ad4 reduces cocaine induced reinstatement (2016)| Psychopharmacology| Read more
Daphne Atlas, barry j hoffer, chaim g pick, hanna deselms, lena khomski, leore raphael heim, renana baratzgoldstein
thioredoxin mimetic peptides protect cognitive function after mild traumatic brain injury mtbi (2016)| PLOS ONE| Read more
dopamide novel water soluble slow release l dihydroxyphenylalanine l dopa precursor moderates l dopa conversion to dopamine and generates a sustained level of dopamine at dopaminergic neurons (2016)| CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics| Read more
Daphne Atlas, gali kronenfeld, moran benhar, pnina weismanshomer, rotem engelman
thioredoxin mimetic peptides as catalysts of s denitrosylation and anti nitrosative stress agents (2015)| Free Radical Biology and Medicine| Read more
voltage gated calcium channels function as ca2 activated signaling receptors (2014)| Trends in Biochemical Sciences| Read more
alexander j travis, Daphne Atlas, atsushi asano, chinatsu mukai, danielle e buttke, dongjun ren, jacquelyn l nelson, moshe cohenkutner, richard j miller, roy cohen
lipid modulation of calcium flux through cav2 3 regulates acrosome exocytosis and fertilization (2014)| Developmental Cell| Read more

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