Researcher interests: Colloid chemistry and crystallization phenomena: emulsifiers - extraction from natural sources (hydrocolloids, proteins, saponins). Synthesis of emulsifiers, detergents and stabilizers. Synthesis of graft-copolymeric amphiphiles. Study of microstructure of nonionic L2-microemulsions. Double emulsions for sustained and slow release of active matter. Cloudy emulsions. Dispersions of dyes (photographic) colorants (lycopene) and active organic materials. Crystallization of water-soluble materials in the presence of surfactants. Polymorphism in crystallization of fats, oils and lipids. Surface-active enzymes extracted from plants. Microemulsions as micro-reactions for enzymatic processes.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

Abraham Aserin, eliezer goldmunz, Nissim Garti
phase inversion characteristics observed upon water dilution of a bidiscontinuous phase (2020)| Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects| Read more
a i shames, alberto fattori, Nissim Garti, maria francesca ottaviani, yael prigat
micro characterization of modified microemulsions loaded with gossypol pure and extracted from cottonseed (2019)| Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces| Read more
Nissim Garti, rotem edri, sharon garti levi
method for selective extraction of cannabinoids from a plant source (2019)| | Read more
Nissim Garti, rotem edri, sharon garti levi
formulacao carregada com canabinoide processo para preparar a formulacao carregada com canabinoide composicoes farmaceutica e nutraceutica e metodo de tratamento de um individuo sofrendo de uma enfermidade ou um disturbio (2019)| | Read more
Nissim Garti, rotem edri, sharon garti levi
processos para extracao de um canabinoide e para extracao de um cbd meio carregado com canabinoide meio carregado com cbd alimento suplemento alimenticio ou composicoes nutraceuticas composicao farmaceutica metodo de tratamento e meio de extracao (2019)| | Read more
a i shames, alberto fattori, eva abramov, Nissim Garti, maria francesca ottaviani
structural characterization of reconstituted bioactive loaded nanodomains after embedding in films using electron paramagnetic resonance and self diffusion nuclear magnetic resonance techniques (2019)| Langmuir| Read more
Abraham Aserin, Nissim Garti, Nina Lidich, sharon gartilevy
potentiality of microemulsion systems in treatment of ophthalmic disorders keratoconus and dry eye syndrome in vivo study (2019)| Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces| Read more
a aserin, Nissim Garti, s ezrahi
basic principles of drug delivery systems the case of paclitaxel (2019)| Advances in Colloid and Interface Science| Read more
delivery of microparticulated liquid systems in food (2018)| | Read more
Abraham Aserin, Nissim Garti, Guy Cohen, tehila mishrakiberkowitz
controlling insulin release from reverse hexagonal h ii liquid crystalline mesophase by enzymatic lipolysis (2018)| Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces| Read more

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LDS is a privately owned nano and biotechnology company focusing on the development of novel liquid nano-sized delivery systems. 
LDS proprietary drug delivery systems enable solubiliztion of large loads of water-insoluble and poorly-permeable...


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