Researcher interests: Physiological and biochemical mechanisms of herbicide action in crops and weeds. Herbicide resistance in weeds, mechanisms and environmental implications. Safe use of herbicide-resistant transgenic crops. Fate and behavior of herbicides in agro-ecosystems

Selected Publications

elad hayut, hadar kuzikaro, m sibony, onn rabinovitz, Baruch Rubin, yaakov goldwasser
selective and effective control of field dodder cuscuta campestris in chickpea with granular pendimethalin (2019)| Weed Technology| Read more
eduardo shachar, menachem rottem, ronit confinocohen, Baruch Rubin, yifat yair, yoav yair, yosef rosman
first reported case of thunderstorm asthma in israel (2019)| Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences| Read more
a goldberg, e shahar, m sibony, r confinocohen, Baruch Rubin, yifat yair
ragweed species ambrosia spp in israel distribution and allergenicity (2019)| Aerobiologia| Read more
maor matzrafi, ofri gerson, Zvi Peleg, Baruch Rubin
different mutations endowing resistance to acetyl coa carboxylase inhibitors results in changes in ecological fitness of lolium rigidum populations (2017)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
lidor shaarmoshe, maor matzrafi, Zvi Peleg, Baruch Rubin
unraveling the transcriptional basis of temperature dependent pinoxaden resistance in brachypodium hybridum (2017)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
amit paporisch, Baruch Rubin
isoxadifen safening mechanism in sweet corn genotypes with differential response to p450 metabolized herbicides (2017)| Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology| Read more
arnon karnieli, christian nansen, dana siso, hanan eizenberg, Ittai Herrmann, maor matzrafi, Baruch Rubin, timea ignat, tom kliper, yotam zait
hyperspectral technologies for assessing seed germination and trifloxysulfuron methyl response in amaranthus palmeri palmer amaranth (2017)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
dina plakhine, hanan eizenberg, rachel amir, Baruch Rubin, shira gal, tal shilo, Shmuel Wolf, yael hacham
secondary effects of glyphosate action in phelipanche aegyptiaca inhibition of solute transport from the host plant to the parasite (2017)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
eyal frenkel, maor matzrafi, Zvi Peleg, Baruch Rubin
effects of environmental conditions on the fitness penalty in herbicide resistant brachypodium hybridum (2017)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
Baruch Rubin, ziv kleinman
non target site glyphosate resistance in conyza bonariensis is based on modified subcellular distribution of the herbicide (2017)| Pest Management Science| Read more
alona shachter, David Chaimovitsh, einat sadot, mohamad abuabied, nativ dudai, Baruch Rubin
herbicidal activity of monoterpenes is associated with disruption of microtubule functionality and membrane integrity (2017)| Weed Science| Read more
hanan eizenberg, lilach zygier, Baruch Rubin, tal shilo, Shmuel Wolf
mechanism of glyphosate control of phelipanche aegyptiaca (2016)| Planta| Read more

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