Senior Lecturer
Researcher interests: Risky and deviant behavior, Road traffic offenders and accidents, Public attitudes toward the police, Methodology.
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Selected Publications

a quasi experiment testing a public participation process for designing and implementing an enforcement program among minorities (2019)| Journal of Experimental Criminology| Read more
reducing traffic violations in minority localities designing a traffic enforcement program through a public participation process (2018)| Accident Analysis & Prevention| Read more
eran benelia, Roni Factor, itai kloog, kees de hoogh, omer harouvi
noise estimation model development using high resolution transportation and land use regression (2018)| Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology| Read more
an empirical analysis of the characteristics of drivers who are ticketed for traffic offences (2018)| Transportation Research Part F-traffic Psychology and Behaviour| Read more
Roni Factor, yoav mehozay
deeply embedded core normative values and legitimacy of law enforcement authorities (2017)| Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency| Read more
Roni Factor, minah kang
corruption and population health outcomes an analysis of data from 133 countries using structural equation modeling (2015)| International Journal of Public Health| Read more
arye rattner, Roni Factor, juan carlos castilo
procedural justice minorities and religiosity (2014)| Police Practice and Research| Read more
the effect of traffic tickets on road traffic crashes (2014)| Accident Analysis & Prevention| Read more
Roni Factor, minah kang
priority setting in health care as portrayed in south korean and israeli newspapers (2014)| Health Policy| Read more
anat rafaeli, David Mahalel, david williams, Roni Factor
una perspectiva de resistencia social al comportamiento delictivo entre los grupos minoritarios no dominantes (2014)| Delito y minorías en países multiculturales : estudios jurídicos y criminológicos comparados, 2014, ISBN 9788415690467, págs. 125-150| Read more
amalya l oliver, Roni Factor, Guy Stecklov
professional homogeneity global versus local effects (2012)| International journal of sociology and anthropology| Read more

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