Researcher interests: Public administration, and specifically public organizations` responses to social pressures and demands. Regulation, specifically businesses` responses to regulation. Public-sector communications.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Political Science
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Selected Publications

mixing qualitative and quantitative methods in pursuit of richer answers to real world questions (2019)| Public Performance & Management Review| Read more
chagai m weiss, Sharon Gilad, saar alonbarkat
bureaucratic politics and the translation of movement agendas (2019)| Governance| Read more
Sharon Gilad, nissim cohen
bureaucratic politics in israel (2018)| | Read more
Sharon Gilad, saar alonbarkat
enhancing democracy via bureaucracy senior managers social identities and motivation for policy change (2018)| Governance| Read more
Sharon Gilad, michaela assouline, pazit bennun bloom
bureaucrats processing of organizational reputation signals (2018)| Journal of Behavioral Public Administration| Read more
Sharon Gilad, saar alonbarkat
compensating for poor performance with promotional symbols evidence from a survey experiment (2017)| Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory| Read more
Sharon Gilad, michael j freedman, pazit bennun bloom
does exposure to other cultures affect the impact of economic globalization on gender equality (2017)| International Political Science Review| Read more
alexandr braverman, Sharon Gilad, saar alonbarkat
large scale social protest a business risk and a bureaucratic opportunity (2016)| Governance| Read more
Sharon Gilad, saar alonbarkat
political control or legitimacy deficit bureaucracies symbolic responses to bottom up public pressures (2016)| Policy and Politics| Read more
political pressures organizational identity and attention to tasks illustrations from pre crisis financial regulation (2015)| Public Administration| Read more

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