Researcher interests: Social movements. Political violence and terrorism. Conflict resolution. Framing processes.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Political Science
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Selected Publications

struggling to remain relevant why and how radicalization was impeded in the struggle against the gaza pullout (2018)| Canadian Review of Sociology-revue Canadienne De Sociologie| Read more
Eitan Alimi, chares demetriou
price tag violence and the dwindling prospects for peace in israel palestine (2018)| Political Insight| Read more
Eitan Alimi, gregory maney
focusing on focusing events event selection media coverage and the dynamics of contentious meaning making (2018)| Sociological Forum| Read more
Eitan Alimi, chares demetriou
making sense of price tag violence changing contexts shifting strategies and expanding targets (2018)| Social Movement Studies| Read more
the relational context of radicalization the case of jewish settler contention before and after the gaza pullout (2016)| Political Studies| Read more
Eitan Alimi, hank johnston
contentious interactions dynamics of interpretations and radicalization (2016)| | Read more
Eitan Alimi, chares demetriou, lorenzo bosi
the dynamics of radicalization a relational and comparative perspective (2015)| | Read more
Eitan Alimi, chares demetriou, lorenzo bosi
theorizing and comparing radicalization a relational framework (2015)| | Read more

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