Researcher interests: Comparative public administration: bureaucratic politics; organizational reputations; public sector reforms. Public policy: policy dynamics, non-proportionate policy response. Comparative politics: parties and party systems (Western Europe), British polit
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Political Science
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Selected Publications

arild waeraas, Moshe Maor
organizational reputation in the public sector (2018)| | Read more
overreaction and bubbles in politics and policy (2018)| | Read more
policy entrepreneurs in policy valuation processes the case of the coalition for environmentally responsible economies (2017)| Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space| Read more
andrew jordan, jale tosun, Moshe Maor
governing climate change the dis proportionality of policy responses (2017)| Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning| Read more
andrew jordan, jale tosun, Moshe Maor
proportionate and disproportionate policy responses to climate change core concepts and empirical applications (2017)| Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning| Read more
the implications of the emerging disproportionate policy perspective for the new policy design studies (2017)| Policy Sciences| Read more
disproportionate policy response (2017)| | Read more
rhetoric and doctrines of policy over and underreactions in times of crisis (2017)| Policy and Politics| Read more
missing areas in the bureaucratic reputation framework (2016)| Politics and Governance| Read more
emotion driven negative policy bubbles (2016)| Policy Sciences| Read more

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