Researcher interests: Inner Asian history; the Mongol Empire. Cross-cultural contacts between China, Europe and the Muslim world. Khitans and Qara Khitai. History of traditional China; history of the medieval Middle East; nomadism; conversion; migrations; mobility; collective
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
DEPARTMENT: Asian Studies
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Selected Publications

the mamluks and mongol central asia (2019)| | Read more
introduction mobility transformations and cultural exchange in mongol eurasia (2019)| Journal of The Economic and Social History of The Orient| Read more
libraries books and transmission of knowledge in ilkhanid baghdad (2019)| Journal of The Economic and Social History of The Orient| Read more
Michal Biran, gideon shelachlavi, guy baroz, meir shahar, rotem kowner
animals and human society in asia an overview and premises (2019)| | Read more
scholarship and science under the qara khitai 1124 1218 (2018)| | Read more
mobility empire and cross cultural contacts in mongol eurasia mongol (2018)| Medieval Worlds| Read more
food and environment in early and medieval china by eugene n anderson philadelphia university of pennsylvania press 2014 xi 338 pp isbn 9780812246384 cloth also available as e book (2016)| The Journal of Asian Studies| Read more
kara khitan khanate western liao (2016)| | Read more
the islamisation of hulegu imaginary conversion in the ilkhanate (2016)| Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society| Read more
the seljuqs politics society and culture (2015)| Mediterranean Historical Review| Read more

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