Researcher interests: Shakespeare. Law and literature. Ecocriticism. Early modern drama. Philosophy-literature connections (links between aesthetics and ethics in general). Animal rights theory. Philosophy of theater.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

just literature philosophical criticism and justice (2019)| | Read more
gregory currie, Tzachi Zamir
macbeth throne of blood and the idea of a reflective adaptation (2018)| The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism| Read more
ascent philosophy and paradise lost (2017)| | Read more
amalia ziv explicit utopias rewriting the sexual in women s pornography (2017)| Sexuality and Culture| Read more
ethics and shakespearean tragedy (2016)| The Oxford Handbook of Shakespearean Tragedy| Read more
john gibson, Tzachi Zamir
the inner paradise (2015)| The Philosophy of Poetry| Read more
death life and agency in paradise lost (2015)| Milton Studies| Read more
why does comedy give pleasure (2014)| British Journal of Aesthetics| Read more
shakespeare and philosophical criticism (2014)| Memoria di Shakespeare. A Journal of Shakespearean Studies| Read more

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