Researcher interests: Jewish languages, particularly Judezmo (Ladino), its history, dialectology and literature.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
DEPARTMENT: Hebrew Language
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Selected Publications

Lexical Elements of Slavic Origin in Judezmo on South Slavic Territory, 16–19th Centuries: Uriel Weinreich and the History of Contact Linguistics (2017)| Brill Online Books And Journals| Read more
The lexicography of Sephardic Judaism (2016)| Springer Link | Read more
David Bunis, david m bunis
writing more and less jewishly in judezmo and yiddish (2013)| Journal of Jewish Languages| Read more
The Anti-Castilianist Credo of Judezmo Journalist Hizkia M. Franco (1875-1953) (2012)| The hebrew university of jerusalem| Read more

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