Researcher interests: Modern Hebrew; Semantics of natural language and its interfaces with syntax and pragmatics; Context dependent expressions; Language change and the revival of Hebrew; Corpus Linguistics.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
DEPARTMENT: Hebrew Language
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Selected Publications

existential possessive modality in the emergence of modern hebrew (2019)| | Read more
historical corpora meet the digital humanities the jerusalem corpus of emergent modern hebrew (2019)| language resources and evaluation| Read more
Elena Herburger, Aynat Rubinstein
gradable possibility and epistemic comparison (2019)| Journal of Semantics| Read more
avigail tsirkinsadan, ivy sichel, Aynat Rubinstein
superfluous negation in modern hebrew and its origins (2015)| Journal of Jewish Languages| Read more
on necessity and comparison (2014)| Pacific Philosophical Quarterly| Read more
Elena Herburger, Aynat Rubinstein
is more possible more possible in german (2014)| Semantics and Linguistic Theory| Read more
figuring out what we ought to do the challenge of delineating priorities (2013)| | Read more

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