Researcher interests: Italian painting and sculpture of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Aesthetics. Landscape in art. Portraiture. Classical mythology in art. Mannerism. Works of Titian, Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, El Greco.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

Luba Freedman, giancarla periti
classical myths in italian renaissance painting (2013)| Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme| Read more
apelles giovanni bellini and michelangelo in titian s life and art (2013)| Artibus et historiae: an art anthology| Read more
Luba Freedman, gerlinde huberrebenich, josef schmidt
wege zum mythos (2003)| The Eighteenth Century| Read more
michelangelo s reflections on bacchus (2003)| Artibus et Historiae| Read more
the revival of the olympian gods in renaissance art (2003)| | Read more
el greco s approach to nudity (2000)| Konsthistorisk tidskrift| Read more
titian s jacopo da strada a portrait of an antiquario (1999)| Renaissance Studies| Read more
neptune in classical and renaissance visual art (1995)| International Journal of The Classical Tradition| Read more
cinquecento mythographic descriptions of neptune (1995)| International Journal of The Classical Tradition| Read more
melancholy in tasso s poetry (1991)| Neophilologus| Read more

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