Researcher interests: Orthodox thought (including Hasidism, Mussar theology and Haredi ideology). 20th century Halakha.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
DEPARTMENT: Jewish Thought
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Selected Publications

thoughts and ways of thinking (2017)| University of Westminster Press| Read more
but me no buts the theological debate between the hasidim and the mitnagdim in light of the discourse markers theory (2014)| Numen| Read more
jewish political theology the doctrine of daĘżat torah as a case study (2014)| Harvard Theological Review| Read more
kedushah the sexual abstinence of married men in gur slonim and toledot aharon (2013)| Jewish History| Read more
david assaf untold tales of the hasidim crisis and discontent in the history of hasidism waltham ma brandeis university press 2010 paperback 336 pp (2012)| Ajs Review-the Journal of The Association for Jewish Studies| Read more
some say this some say that pragmatics and discourse markers in yad malachi s interpretation rules (2012)| International Journal of Language & Law (JLL)| Read more

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