Researcher interests: Medieval sacred music, liturgy, and ritual. The confluence of theology, music, and ideology. Romantic and post-romantic opera and lieder. Aspects of gender and nationalism in popular music.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
DEPARTMENT: Musicology
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Selected Publications

saint gatien ou l importance d etre le premier a tours (2015)| | Read more
a soldier of great prowess in a motet around 1500 (2015)| Acta Musicologica| Read more
joan goodnick westenholz, Yossi Maurey, Edwin Seroussi
music in antiquity the near east and the mediterranean (2014)| | Read more
medieval music legend and the cult of st martin the local foundations of a universal saint (2014)| | Read more
dana international and the politics of nostalgia (2009)| Popular Music| Read more

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