Researcher interests: Nanotechnology. Bionanotechnology. Electrochemistry. Photocatalysis. Photochemistry in organized media. Electrically wired proteins and biosensor devices. Photoswitchable and electroswitchable biomaterials. Molecular machinery. Supramolecular chemistry and photochemistry. Biomimetic chemistry.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

Bilha Willner, ola karmi, rachel nechushtai, weihai chen, Itamar Willner
thrombin aptamer modified metal organic framework nanoparticles functional nanostructures for sensing thrombin and the triggered controlled release of anti blood clotting drugs (2019)| Sensors| Read more
margarita vazquezgonzalez, Itamar Willner
stimuli responsive biomolecule based hydrogels and their applications (2019)| Angewandte Chemie| Read more
liang yue, shan wang, Itamar Willner
three dimensional nucleic acid based constitutional dynamic networks enhancing diversity through complexity of the systems (2019)| Journal of the American Chemical Society| Read more
anjan bedi, david stone, ehud neumann, Ori Gidron, guofeng luo, henribaptiste marjault, michael fadeev, rachel nechushtai, thomas happe, weihai chen, Itamar Willner, yonatan biniuri
artificial photosynthesis with electron acceptor photosensitizer aptamer conjugates (2019)| Nano Letters| Read more
verena wulf, Itamar Willner
nucleoapzymes catalyst aptamer conjugates as enzyme mimicking structures (2019)| Emerging Topics in Life Sciences| Read more
amos markus, asaf shoval, remi cazelles, Itamar Willner, xia liu, yossi mandel, zhixin zhou
anti vegf aptamer modified c dots a hybrid nanocomposite for topical treatment of ocular vascular disorders (2019)| Small| Read more
guofeng luo, rachel nechushtai, weihai chen, Itamar Willner, yang sung sohn
mirna specific unlocking of drug loaded metal organic framework nanoparticles targeted cytotoxicity toward cancer cells (2019)| Small| Read more
chen wang, margarita vazquezgonzalez, michael fadeev, verena wulf, Itamar Willner, xia liu
dna based hydrogels loaded with au nanoparticles or au nanorods thermoresponsive plasmonic matrices for shape memory self healing controlled release and mechanical applications (2019)| ACS Nano| Read more
bauke albada, carina hazan, eyal golub, Dmitri Gelman, margarita vazquezgonzalez, mariusz wolff, Itamar Willner, yonatan biniuri, zohar shpilt
a bis zn pyridyl salen type complex conjugated to the atp aptamer an atpase mimicking nucleoapzyme (2019)| ChemBioChem| Read more
guofeng luo, rachel nechushtai, weihai chen, Itamar Willner, yang sung sohn
enzyme driven release of loads from nucleic acid capped metal organic framework nanoparticles (2019)| Advanced Functional Materials| Read more
he tian, junji zhang, michael fadeev, verena wulf, Itamar Willner, xia liu, ziyuan li
chemical and photochemical dna gears reversibly control stiffness shape memory self healing and controlled release properties of polyacrylamide hydrogels (2019)| Chemical Science| Read more
bart jan ravoo, gilad davidsonrozenfeld, julian simke, lucas stricker, margarita vazquezgonzalez, michael fadeev, Itamar Willner
light responsive arylazopyrazole based hydrogels their applications as shape memory materials self healing matrices and controlled drug release systems (2019)| Polymer Chemistry| Read more
bauke albada, eyal golub, Dmitri Gelman, mariusz wolff, Itamar Willner, yonatan biniuri
cu2 or fe3 terpyridine aptamer conjugates nucleoapzymes catalyzing the oxidation of dopamine to aminochrome (2018)| ACS Catalysis| Read more

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