Researcher interests: Molecular genetics in yeast: meiosis, cell cycle, chromosome pairing, segregation and recombination in meiosis. Instability in the human, mouse and yeast genomes. DNA repair.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

ayelet arbeleden, Giora Simchen
bioessays 4 2019 (2019)| BioEssays| Read more
ayelet arbeleden, Giora Simchen
elevated mutagenicity in meiosis and its mechanism (2019)| BioEssays| Read more
daniel zohary geneticist and explorer of plant domestication (2014)| Plant Breeding Reviews| Read more
ayelet arbeleden, daphna josephstrauss, eleanor rachi, hagit masika, oxana printzental, Giora Simchen
trans lesion dna polymerases may be involved in yeast meiosis (2013)| G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics| Read more
Michael Lichten, Giora Simchen, Yaron Dayani
meiotic recombination intermediates are resolved with minimal crossover formation during return to growth an analogue of the mitotic cell cycle (2011)| PLOS Genetics| Read more
ariel gispan, guy zinman, michael klutstein, shlomit farkashamar, Giora Simchen, Itamar Simon, Zahava Siegfried, ziv barjoseph
combination of genomic approaches with functional genetic experiments reveals two modes of repression of yeast middle phase meiosis genes (2010)| BMC Genomics| Read more
Drora Zenvirth, franz klein, martin xaver, michael klutstein, ronen shemesh, Giora Simchen
separation of roles of zip1 in meiosis revealed in heterozygous mutants of saccharomyces cerevisiae (2009)| Molecular Genetics and Genomics| Read more
commitment to meiosis what determines the mode of division in budding yeast (2009)| BioEssays| Read more
amir sherman, avraham a levy, Drora Zenvirth, efrat shema, hezi shaked, michael klutstein, naomi aviviragolsky, Giora Simchen
functional conservation of the yeast and arabidopsis rad54 like genes (2008)| Genetics| Read more

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