Researcher interests: Biopolymers and polymer conjugates for drug targeting and regional therapy. Developing non-viral polymeric vectors for gene therapy, new polymeric structures and catenan and rotaxane based physical hydrogels, advanced polymeric complexes for oral and eye drug administration, and stereocomplexes of peptides and D-PLA for extended peptide delivery; electropolymerization and coating of metallic surfaces.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

abraham j domb, anthony t vella, Abraham Domb, jiana t baker, michael r arul, ohan s manoukian, sangamesh g kumbar, swetha rudraiah
functional polymeric nerve guidance conduits and drug delivery strategies for peripheral nerve repair and regeneration (2020)| Journal of Controlled Release| Read more
abraham j domb, awanish kumar, Abraham Domb, elana markovitz, moran haim zada, omar elmalak, ruthy icekson
in vitro and in vivo degradation behavior and the long term performance of biodegradable plcl balloon implants (2020)| International Journal of Pharmaceutics| Read more
abraham j domb, awanish kumar, Abraham Domb, guy mechrez, moran haim zada, omar elmalak
effect of ethylene oxide and gamma γ sterilization on the properties of a plcl polymer material in balloon implants (2019)| ACS Omega| Read more
a gilhar, abraham j domb, aviad keren, Abraham Domb, marina zlotkinfrusic, mia levite, yehuda ullmann, Yoram Soroka
instantaneous depolarization of t cells via dopamine receptors and inhibition of activated t cells of psoriasis patients and inflamed human skin by d1 like receptor agonist fenoldopam (2019)| Immunology| Read more
abraham j domb, arto urtti, ashwath jayagopal, c g wilson, diane d s tangliu, Abraham Domb, uday b kompella
isopt clinical hot topic panel discussion on ocular drug delivery (2019)| Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics| Read more
abraham j domb, Abraham Domb
functional polymers for human health (2019)| Polymers for Advanced Technologies| Read more
abraham j domb, Abraham Domb, noam y steinman
injectable pasty biodegradable polyesters derived from castor oil and hydroxyl acid lactones (2019)| Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics| Read more
abraham j domb, chandrakala ummadisetti, Abraham Domb, konda reddy kunduru
chapter 15 dendrimers and hyperbranched polymers as antimicrobial agents (2019)| | Read more
abraham j domb, anjali jain, Abraham Domb, shaheen mahira, wahid khan
chapter 1 antimicrobial materials an overview (2019)| | Read more
abraham j domb, Abraham Domb, konda reddy kunduru
chapter 13 recent advances in antimicrobial hydrogels (2019)| | Read more

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