Researcher interests: Genetic aspects of neoplastic transformation. Molecular mimicry of glycosaminoglycans by synthetic compounds. Selected topics in tissue dynamics; apoptosis and angiogenesis, in particular.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

Shmuel Ben-Sasson, Guy Cohen, nurit kaiser, shmuel ben sasson
metabolic aging in diabetes the glucoliptoxic connection (2013)| Free Radical Biology and Medicine| Read more
Shmuel Ben-Sasson, havazelet biancopeled, Maya Ben Yehuda Greenwald, shmuel ben sasson
a new method for encapsulating hydrophobic compounds within cationic polymeric nanoparticles (2013)| Journal of Microencapsulation| Read more
a sima, Shmuel Ben-Sasson, giancarlo aldini, gil leibowitz, nurit kaiser, shmuel ben sasson, Yael Riahi
macrovascular endothelial cell senescence is induced by foam cell derived lipid peroxidation products (2012)| Free Radical Biology and Medicine| Read more
arie ron, Shmuel Ben-Sasson, jason wolfe, shmuel ben sasson
cell pairing and methylation in tetrahymena thermophila are altered by exogenous homocysteine (1999)| Cell Biology International| Read more

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Raziel Therapeutics

Raziel Therapeutics is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing a proprietary drug for the treatment of local fat reduction. The company is targeting obesity and related indications.


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Keren-Or Amar
VP, Business Development, Healthcare
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