Researcher interests: Prof. Rubinstein's research interests are focused on site-specific therapy and real-time diagnostics of inflammation and malignant processes in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It includes biodegradable polymers (modified polysaccharides) colon-specific drug delivery, site specific therapy of IBD by directed nano-vehicles, mechanistic understanding of affinity processes between saccharide-containing polymers and the intestinal epithelium and optimizing multimodal therapy by remotely eroding vehicles.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

racheli sharon gabbay, ron kenett, Abraham Rubinstein, scaffaro
synchronizing the release rates of salicylate and indomethacin from degradable chitosan hydrogel and its optimization by definitive screening design (2018)| European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences| Read more
increasing the affinity of cationized polyacrylamide paclitaxel nanoparticles towards colon cancer cells by a surface recognition peptide (2017)| International Journal of Pharmaceutics| Read more
ron kenett, Abraham Rubinstein
generalizing research findings for enhanced reproducibility a translational medicine case study (2017)| Social Science Research Network| Read more
Aviram Nissan, dovrat brass, ilana ariel, meital bloch, ron kenett, Abraham Rubinstein, Eylon Yavin
the effect of linker type and recognition peptide conjugation chemistry on tissue affinity and cytotoxicity of charged polyacrylamide (2017)| Journal of Controlled Release| Read more
hashoul, netanel kolevzon, Abraham Rubinstein, Shankar Naik, Eylon Yavin
single point mutation detection in living cancer cells by far red emitting pna fit probes (2016)| Chemical Communications| Read more
lauren jablonowski, margaret wheatley, meital bloch, ron kenett, Abraham Rubinstein, Eylon Yavin
a multifactorial analysis of complex pharmaceutical platforms an application of design of experiments to targetable polyacrylamide and ultrasound contrast agents (2015)| Polymers for Advanced Technologies| Read more
Yechezkel Barenholz, dganit danino, hadas perlstein, peter gimeson, rivka cohen, Abraham Rubinstein, tanya turovsky
thermotropic behavior of celecoxib loaded beta casein micelles relevance to the improved bioavailability (2015)| European Journal of Nanomedicine| Read more
dorit moradov, Efrat Harel, helena shifrin, marta weinstock, mirela nadlermilbauer, morris srebnik, Abraham Rubinstein
the anti inflammatory activity of a novel fused cyclopentenone phosphonate and its potential in the local treatment of experimental colitis (2015)| Gastroenterology Research and Practice| Read more
Abraham Nyska, dorit moradov, irena djavsarov, lauren jablonowski, margaret wheatley, meital bloch, Abraham Rubinstein, Eylon Yavin
multi modal detection of colon malignancy by nir tagged recognition polymers and ultrasound contrast agents (2015)| International Journal of Pharmaceutics| Read more
Eli Breuer, Efrat Harel, Abraham Rubinstein, Boaz Tirosh, weibin chen
aminoalkylcarbamoylphosphonates reduce tnf╬▒ release from activated immune cells (2010)| Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters| Read more
Michael Friedman, paula fischer, raphael radai, Stefan Rokem, Abraham Rubinstein
the effect of intestinal bacteria adherence on drug diffusion through solid films under stationary conditions (1997)| Pharmaceutical Research| Read more
miriam ezra, raphael radai, Stefan Rokem, Abraham Rubinstein, seema pathak
in vitro evaluation of calcium pectinate a potential colon specific drug delivery carrier (1993)| Pharmaceutical Research| Read more
beta casein nanocarriers of celecoxib for improved oral bioavailability ()| European Journal of Nanomedicine| Read more

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