Researcher interests: Pathophysiology of brain injury - mediators of delayed neuronal damage e.g., prostaglandins, reactive oxygen species, cytokines, cannabinoids, and the cholinergic system in rat and mouse models of injury (closed head injury, CHI). Evaluation of potential therapeutic strategies. CHI as a risk factor for delayed onset of Alzheimer`s disease. Genetic manipulations (cytokines or apoE knockouts, acetylcholine-esterase transgenics, and more) as tools for investigating the role of specific mediators in traumatic brain injury. Interrelationship between traumatic brain injury and bone remodeling. Role of endocannabinoids in blood-brain barrier function and in bone remodeling after brain trauma. Mechanisms of neuroprotection induced by pre-conditioning (ischemic or heat acclimation). In vitro model for stretch injury that simulates traumatic conditions in astrocytes.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

alcino silva, amos korczyn, dalia shabashovstone, efrat kesner, efrat kliper, einor ben assayag, jose mazzitelli, marcela arenas, mary joy, miou zhou, natan bornstein, nikita thareja, noomi katz, nora abduljawad, shan huang, Esther Shohami, sigal lirazzaltsman, tawnie silva, thomas carmichael
ccr5 is a therapeutic target for recovery after stroke and traumatic brain injury (2019)| Cell| Read more
Anat Biegon, Esther Shohami, sigal lirazzaltsman
stimulation of n methyl d aspartate receptors by exogenous and endogenous ligands improves outcome of brain injury (2018)| Current Opinion in Neurology| Read more
alcino silva, Anat Biegon, barbara slusher, dana atrakchibaranes, efrat kesner, kineret rosenblatt, Esther Shohami, sigal lirazzaltsman, yael friedman levi
enhancement of brain d serine mediates recovery of cognitive function after traumatic brain injury (2018)| Journal of Neurotrauma| Read more
alexander alexandrovich, galit gincberg, Philip Lazarovici, Esther Shohami, uriel elchalal, Victoria Trembovler
nerve growth factor plays a role in the neurotherapeutic effect of a cd45 pan hematopoietic subpopulation derived from human umbilical cord blood in a traumatic brain injury model (2018)| Cytotherapy| Read more
galit gincberg, Philip Lazarovici, Esther Shohami, uriel elchalal
human umbilical cord blood cd45 pan hematopoietic cells induced a neurotherapeutic effect in mice with traumatic brain injury immunophenotyping comparison of maternal and neonatal parameters and immunomodulation (2018)| Journal of Molecular Neuroscience| Read more
Anat Biegon, dalia shabashov, Esther Shohami, sigal lirazzaltsman, Rami Yaka
neuroinflammation induced memory deficits are amenable to treatment with d cycloserine (2016)| Journal of Molecular Neuroscience| Read more
michal horowitz, Esther Shohami
cannabinoids in health and disease (2016)| Journal of basic and clinical physiology and pharmacology| Read more
aniv mann, ayelet cohenyeshurun, Raphael Mechoulam, Esther Shohami, Victoria Trembovler
are the endocannabinoid like compounds n acyl aminoacids neuroprotective after traumatic brain injury (2016)| Journal of basic and clinical physiology and pharmacology| Read more
assaf yacobi, gali umschweif, michal horowitz, Esther Shohami
molecular programs induced by heat acclimation confer neuroprotection against tbi and hypoxic insults via cross tolerance mechanisms (2015)| Frontiers in Neuroscience| Read more
alexander alexandrovich, aniv mann, aviva breuer, Raphael Mechoulam, reem smoum, Esther Shohami, Victoria Trembovler
palmitoyl serine an endogenous neuroprotective endocannabinoid like entity after traumatic brain injury (2015)| Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology| Read more
hagit cohenben ami, David Lichtstein, moran dvelalevitt, Haim Rosen, Esther Shohami
ouabain improves functional recovery following traumatic brain injury (2014)| Journal of Neurotrauma| Read more
dalia shabashov, Esther Shohami, Rami Yaka
inactivation of pkmĪ¶ in the nac shell abolished cocaine conditioned reward (2012)| Journal of Molecular Neuroscience| Read more
hong zhu, jin, mark kindy, Arieh Moussaieff, sebastiano gattonicelli, Esther Shohami
protective effects of incensole acetate on cerebral ischemic injury (2012)| Brain Research| Read more

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