Researcher interests: Computer-assisted surgery; medical image processing. Computer-aided mechanical design; kinematics, tolerancing, parametric design of mechanisms. Computational geometry; shape and position uncertainty.
DEPARTMENT: Computer Science
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Selected Publications

amir cohen, eytan blumenthal, Leo Joskowicz, matan cohen, michael mimouni, ran elyaniv, reuben shamir
a comparison of different scoring terminations rules for visual acuity testing from a computer simulation to a clinical study (2019)| Current Eye Research| Read more
caplan, cohen, Jacob Sosna, Leo Joskowicz
inter observer variability of manual contour delineation of structures in ct (2019)| European Radiology| Read more
amitay nachmani, Leo Joskowicz, Aviv Mezer, roey schurr
the effect of motion correction interpolation on quantitative t1 mapping with mri (2019)| Medical Image Analysis| Read more
caplan, cohen, Jacob Sosna, Leo Joskowicz
automatic segmentation variability estimation with segmentation priors (2018)| Medical Image Analysis| Read more
afshin gangi, caroline essert, ehsan golkar, Leo Joskowicz, pramod rao
fast gpu computation of 3d isothermal volumes in the vicinity of major blood vessels for multiprobe cryoablation simulation (2018)| International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention| Read more
Ariel Ephrat, Jacob Sosna, Leo Joskowicz, naama levcohain, Refael Vivanti
patient specific and global convolutional neural networks for robust automatic liver tumor delineation in follow up ct studies (2018)| Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing| Read more
eli ben shimol, Leo Joskowicz, ruth eliahou, yigal shoshan
computer based radiological longitudinal evaluation of meningiomas following stereotactic radiosurgery (2018)| computer assisted radiology and surgery| Read more
assaf spanier, burak acar, caplan, Jacob Sosna, Leo Joskowicz
a fully automatic end to end method for content based image retrieval of ct scans with similar liver lesion annotations (2018)| computer assisted radiology and surgery| Read more
future perspectives on statistical shape models in computer aided orthopedic surgery beyond statistical shape models and on to big data ()| | Read more

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