Researcher interests: Environmental studies. Water purification. Grey water. Development of herbicide formulations for reduced leaching. Clay-organic interactions. Cation adsorption and binding. Surface aggregation. Leakage and pore formation.
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Selected Publications

ido gardi, Shlomo Nir, tomas undabeytia, virginia lozanomorales
removal of pharmaceuticals from water by clay cationic starch sorbents (2018)| Journal of Cleaner Production| Read more
gael plantard, monica brienza, Shlomo Nir, serge chiron, v goetz
combining micelle clay sorption to solar photo fenton processes for domestic wastewater treatment (2018)| Environmental Science and Pollution Research| Read more
Shlomo Nir, uri shuali
role of micelle clay complexes and quaternary amine cations in removal of bacteria from water adsorption biostatic and biocidal effects (2018)| Clays and Clay Minerals| Read more
ayelet kalfa, hanoch etkin, julius benari, mark ryskin, mordechay tavassi, nadya rakovitsky, Shlomo Nir, uri shuali
removal of escherichia coli and total bacteria from water by granulated micelle clay complexes filter regeneration and modeling of filtration kinetics (2017)| Applied Clay Science| Read more
Assaf Sukenik, mordechay tavassi, Shlomo Nir, yehudit vinermozzini
removal of cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins from lake water by composites of bentonite with micelles of the cation octadecyltrimethyl ammonium odtma (2017)| Water Research| Read more
esmeralda morillo gonzalez, ido gardi, l laiz trobajo, Shlomo Nir, tomas undabeytia lopez, v lozano
starch clay based composites for water purification by filtration (2017)| | Read more
filomena lelario, ido gardi, laura scrano, Shlomo Nir, noam dolev, sabino aurelio bufo, tomas undabeytia, yael g mishael
pairing micropollutants and clay composite sorbents for efficient water treatment filtration and modeling at a pilot scale (2017)| Applied Clay Science| Read more
combined adsorption and degradation of the off flavor compound 2 methylisoborneol in sludge derived from a recirculating aquaculture system (2017)| Chemosphere| Read more
hanoch etkin, ilya brook, mark ryskin, nadya rakovitsky, Shlomo Nir, Jaap Van Rijn , zanele mkhweli
purification of greywater by a moving bed reactor followed by a filter including a granulated micelle clay composite (2016)| Applied Clay Science| Read more
cesareo saizjimenez, esmeralda morillo gonzalez, eulalia gomezpantoja, l laiz trobajo, Shlomo Nir, rosa posada baquero, tomas undabeytia lopez
removal of microorganisms by clay polymer complexes (2016)| | Read more
laura scrano, mustafa khamis, Shlomo Nir, rafik karaman, sabino aurelio bufo, saleh sulaiman
diazepam stability in wastewater and removal by advanced membrane technology activated carbon and micelle clay complex (2016)| Desalination and Water Treatment| Read more

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