Researcher interests: Disorders of body weight regulation. The effect of nutrition on cognitive function. Animal models of anorexia. The biological regulation of the antioxidant system in man.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

Elliot Berry, boaz shulruf, ella shoval, ronit jakobovich
supporting children to act as change agents for parents in preparing their lunch box (2019)| Australian Journal of Early Childhood| Read more
Elliot Berry, brunori, Denis Lairon, donini, lluis serramajem, massimo iannetta, mattioni, roberto capone, sandro dernini, sonnino, stefanova, suzanne piscopo
the med diet 4 0 framework a multidimensional driver for revitalizing the mediterranean diet as a sustainable diet model (2019)| | Read more
Elliot Berry, sandro dernini, wen peng
coping with food insecurity using the sociotype ecological framework (2018)| Frontiers in Nutrition| Read more
Elliot Berry, wen peng
global nutrition 1990 2015 a shrinking hungry and expanding fat world (2018)| PLOS ONE| Read more
Elliot Berry, gal dubnovraz
what paediatric obesity treatment programmes work and how can we measure their success (2017)| Acta Paediatrica| Read more
amnon albeck, Yosefa Avraham, Elliot Berry, David Mankuta, marina donskoy, vorobiev, wiessam abu ahmad
beta carotene as a novel therapy for the treatment of autistic like behavior in animal models of autism (2017)| Behavioural Brain Research| Read more
Yosefa Avraham, Elliot Berry, iddo magen, paturski, vorobiev
2 arachidonoylglycerol as a possible treatment for anorexia nervosa in animal model in mice (2017)| Brain Research| Read more
agneta yngve, alexandre meybeck, barbara burlingame, Elliot Berry, calabrese, Denis Lairon, dolores corella, donini, francisco xavier medina, javier arancetabartrina, lluis serramajem, pekcan, rekia belahsen, roberto capone, sandro dernini, suzanne piscopo, trichopoulou, vecchia
med diet 4 0 the mediterranean diet with four sustainable benefits (2017)| Public Health Nutrition| Read more
Elliot Berry, rebecca goldsmith, wen peng
demographic and lifestyle factors associated with adherence to the mediterranean diet in relation to overweight obesity among israeli adolescents findings from the mabat israeli national youth health and nutrition survey (2017)| Public Health Nutrition| Read more
Elliot Berry, gabrielle kane, hamid bilali, roberto capone, sandro dernini
exploring relationships between biodiversity and dietary diversity in the mediterranean region preliminary insights from a literature review (2017)| American Journal of Food and Nutrition| Read more
Eytan Bachar, Elliot Berry, mario baras, sabina geest
correlates of coping based on the concept of the sociotype a secondary data analysis of an israeli national survey (2017)| Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine| Read more
aviva ezra, Yosefa Avraham, Elliot Berry, chana listman, eithan kunkes, fida harfoush, Jehoshua Katzhendler, lia vorobeiv, Nikolaos Grigoriadis, sawsan salameh, shira merchavia, yousef najajreh
novel acylethanolamide derivatives that modulate body weight through enhancement of hypothalamic pro opiomelanocortin pomc and or decreased neuropeptide y npy (2013)| Journal of Medicinal Chemistry| Read more
Yosefa Avraham, Elliot Berry, david chernoguz, davidi, dayan, lassri, ronen leker, vorobiev
delayed leptin administration after stroke induces neurogenesis and angiogenesis (2013)| Journal of Neuroscience Research| Read more
Yosefa Avraham, Elliot Berry, David Mankuta, eithan galun, lia vorobeiv, sagit arbelalon, shira merchavia, yael hants
166 the peri partum period is characterized by a major alteration in brain neurotransmitters levels a possible connection to postpartum depression (2013)| American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology| Read more
areej khatib, Yosefa Avraham, Elliot Berry, doron, Johnny Amer, lina abutair, mahmud mahamid, Rifaat Safadi
the direct profibrotic and indirect immune antifibrotic balance of blocking the cannabinoid 2 receptor (2012)| American Journal of Physiology-gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology| Read more
Yosefa Avraham, Elliot Berry, david chernoguz, davidi, dayan, kabesa, lassri, ronen leker, vorobiev
leptin induces neuroprotection neurogenesis and angiogenesis after stroke (2011)| Current Neurovascular Research| Read more

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