Researcher interests: Investigation of genetic and molecular basis of cancer development; study of genes (coding and non-coding) to elucidate pathways for developing rational, effective therapeutic approaches to cancer. Study of WW domain-containing oxidoreductase (WWOX) tumor suppressor gene, inactivated in most common human cancers.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

Rami Aqeilan, britta a m bouwman, Idit Hazan, jonathan monin, nicola crosetto, rami i aqeilan
activation of oncogenic super enhancers is coupled with dna repair by rad51 (2019)| Cell Reports| Read more
Rami Aqeilan, chuni sze, nanshan chang, rami i aqeilan, rongtuan lin
editorial ww domain proteins in signaling cancer growth neural diseases and metabolic disorders (2019)| Frontiers in Oncology| Read more
andrew j van wijnen, Rami Aqeilan, carlo m croce, gary s stein, jane b lian, janet l stein, mohammad q hassan, mohammed jafferji, rami i aqeilan, Ramiro Garzon, zhaoyong li
correction biological functions of mir 29b contribute to positive regulation of osteoblast differentiation (2019)| Journal of Biological Chemistry| Read more
Rami Aqeilan, rami i aqeilan, suhaib k abdeen
decoding the link between wwox and p53 in aggressive breast cancer (2019)| Cell Cycle| Read more
Rami Aqeilan, carlo m croce, giovanni nigita, jonathan monin, rami i aqeilan, rosario distefano, saleh khawaled, suhaib k abdeen, sung suk suh
wwox inhibits metastasis of triple negative breast cancer cells via modulation of mirnas (2019)| Cancer Research| Read more
Rami Aqeilan, carlo m croce, cinzia raso, dongju park, douglas g cheung, Eugenio Gaudio, Flavia Pichiorri, francesco trapasso, hiroshi okumura, kari b green, kay huebner, marco gaspari, rami i aqeilan, rodolfo iuliano, teresa druck, Tiziana Palumbo
fhit fdxr interaction in the mitochondria modulation of reactive oxygen species generation and apoptosis in cancer cells (2019)| Cell Death and Disease| Read more
apollinaire ngankeu, Rami Aqeilan, carlo m croce, Eugenio Gaudio, francesco bertoni, francesco paduano, francesco trapasso, giosue costa, rami i aqeilan, roberta rocca, sabrina dagostino, sandra pinton, stefano alcaro
tcl1a interacts with tp63 and enhances the survival of raji burkitt lymphoma cell line (2018)| British Journal of Haematology| Read more
Rami Aqeilan, mayur tanna, rami i aqeilan
modeling wwox loss of function in vivo what have we learned (2018)| Frontiers in Oncology| Read more
Rami Aqeilan, aya shweiki, bella maly, rami i aqeilan, suhaib k abdeen, uri bendavid
somatic loss of wwox is associated with tp53 perturbation in basal like breast cancer (2018)| Cell Death and Disease| Read more
Rami Aqeilan, biao dong, heng xu, jiankang zhou, li yang, liping ma, lunxu liu, maoyao wen, ping li, rami i aqeilan, rong wei, ruoting men, tinghong ye, xianghui fu, xiaoxue yang, yong peng, yuquan wei
microrna 214 promotes hepatic stellate cell activation and liver fibrosis by suppressing sufu expression (2018)| Cell Death and Disease| Read more

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