Researcher interests: Ph.D. in Criminology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Institute of Criminology.
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Selected Publications

Badi Hasisi, Gali Perry, simon perry
lone terrorists a study of run over attacks in israel (2019)| European Journal of Criminology| Read more
gabriela d roman, perolof h wikstrom, Gali Perry
differentiating right wing extremism from potential for violent extremism the role of criminogenic exposure (2018)| International journal of developmental science| Read more
closing the gap promoting suspect communities cooperation with airport security (2018)| Terrorism and Political Violence| Read more
Gali Perry, tal jonathanzamir, David Weisburd
the effect of paramilitary protest policing on protestors trust in the police the case of the occupy israel movement (2017)| Law & Society Review| Read more
Badi Hasisi, Gali Perry, simon perry
who is the lone terrorist a study of vehicle borne attackers in israel and the west bank (2017)| Studies in Conflict & Terrorism| Read more

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