Researcher interests: Research interests: Human cultural and behavior evolution during the Lower and the Middle Paleolithic; Modern humans & Neanderthals interactions; origins of modern humans; early hominins dispersals and colonization of the Levant; origin of the Levallois technology.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

iris gromanyaroslavski, laura centi, marion prevost, maya oron, neta friedman, Yossi Zaidner
the bulb retouchers in the levant new insights into middle palaeolithic retouching techniques and mobile tool kit composition (2019)| PLOS ONE| Read more
kathryn crater gershtein, reuven yeshurun, Yossi Zaidner
zooarchaeology and taphonomy of unit iii in the middle paleolithic site of nesher ramla (2019)| The 84th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology| Read more
Avner Ayalon, gerhard w weber, helene valladas, Israel Hershkovitz, mathieu duval, mina weinsteinevron, miryam barmatthews, norbert mercier, rainer grun, Rolf Quam, Yossi Zaidner
response to comment on the earliest modern humans outside africa (2018)| Science| Read more
alexander tsatskin, amos frumkin, Avner Ayalon, carlos lorenzo, cinzia fornai, daniella e baryosef mayer, gerhard w weber, helene valladas, hila may, iris gromanyaroslavski, Israel Hershkovitz, jose maria bermudez de castro, jose miguel carretero, juan luis arsuaga, laura martinfrances, Laura Rodríguez, leslie kinsley, lior weissbrod, maria martinontorres, mathieu duval, mina weinsteinevron, miryam barmatthews, natan peled, norbert mercier, Rachel Sarig, rainer grun, rebeca garcia, reuven yeshurun, Rolf Quam, ruth shahackgross, viktoria a krenn, viviane slon, xinzhi wu, yaming cui, Yossi Zaidner
the earliest modern humans outside africa (2018)| Science| Read more
laura centi, maayan shemer, marion prevost, oz varoner, Yossi Zaidner
an open air site at nesher ramla israel and new insights into levantine middle paleolithic technology and site use (2018)| | Read more
a almogilabin, Ezra Zilberman, g herzlinger, joel roskin, Naomi Porat, Yossi Zaidner
geo chronological context of the open air acheulian site at nahal hesi northwestern negev israel (2017)| Quaternary International| Read more
gilles guerin, helene valladas, jeanlouis joron, jeanlouis reyss, norbert mercier, Yossi Zaidner
apports de la datation par la luminescence des sites du proche orient et resultats preliminaires du site de nesher ramla israel (2017)| L'Anthropologie| Read more
mina weinsteinevron, Yossi Zaidner
the acheulo yabrudian early middle paleolithic sequence of misliya cave mount carmel israel (2017)| | Read more
alexander tsatskin, amos frumkin, david e friesem, ruth shahackgross, Yossi Zaidner
landscapes depositional environments and human occupation at middle paleolithic open air sites in the southern levant with new insights from nesher ramla israel (2016)| Quaternary Science Reviews| Read more

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