Researcher interests: Host-pathogen interactions and fungal immunology
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Selected Publications

amir sharon, elad mochly, liat orenyoung, maayan israeli, Neta Shlezinger, wenjun zhu
translocation from nuclei to cytoplasm is necessary for anti a pcd activity and turnover of the type ii iap bcbir1 (2016)| Molecular Microbiology| Read more
adi reider, amir sharon, anna minzdub, elad eizner, rachel tetroashvili, Neta Shlezinger, stas dubinchik
measurement of apoptosis by scan a system for counting and analysis of fluorescently labelled nuclei (2014)| Microbial Cell| Read more
amir sharon, Neta Shlezinger
fungi infecting plants and animals killers non killers and cell death (2013)| PLOS Pathogens| Read more
amir sharon, nir goldfinger, Neta Shlezinger
apoptotic like programed cell death in fungi the benefits in filamentous species (2012)| Frontiers in Oncology| Read more
adi doron, amir sharon, Neta Shlezinger
apoptosis like programmed cell death in the grey mould fungus botrytis cinerea genes and their role in pathogenicity (2011)| Biochemical Society Transactions| Read more
amir sharon, anna minz, ido hatam, nicholas j talbot, Neta Shlezinger, yasin f dagdas, yonatan gur
anti apoptotic machinery protects the necrotrophic fungus botrytis cinerea from host induced apoptotic like cell death during plant infection (2011)| PLOS Pathogens| Read more
alin finkelshtein, amir sharon, olga bunis, Neta Shlezinger
botrytis cinerea bcnma is involved in apoptotic cell death but not in stress adaptation (2011)| Fungal Genetics and Biology| Read more
alin finkelstein, amir sharon, ido hatam, Neta Shlezinger
fungal apoptosis function genes and gene function (2009)| Fems Microbiology Reviews| Read more

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