Researcher interests: Research Interests: Exploring molecular mechanisms that control the balance between bacterial pathogens, the gut microbiota, and the host.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

feng shao, gabriel nussbaum, li zhang, Yael Litvak, meirav hyams, na dong, naama katsowich, Ilan Rosenshine, shir sharon, shira dishon, Simi Kobi
epithelial cells detect functional type iii secretion system of enteropathogenic escherichia coli through a novel nf κb signaling pathway (2017)| PLOS Pathogens| Read more
aline dupont, andre bleich, felix sommer, fredrik backhed, kaiyi zhang, Yael Litvak, marcus fulde, marijana basic, mark philipp kuhnel, mathias w hornef, Ilan Rosenshine, urska repnik
age dependent susceptibility to enteropathogenic escherichia coli epec infection in mice (2016)| PLOS Pathogens| Read more
gal yerushalmi, lihi gurarie, Yael Litvak, Ilan Rosenshine
dynamics of expression and maturation of the type iii secretion system of enteropathogenic escherichia coli (2014)| Journal of Bacteriology| Read more
Yael Litvak, moti avner, rena levinklein, zvi selinger
high catalytic efficiency and resistance to denaturing in bacterial rho gtpase activating proteins (2011)| Biological Chemistry| Read more
Yael Litvak, zvi selinger
aeromonas salmonicida toxin aext has a rho family gtpase activating protein domain (2007)| Journal of Bacteriology| Read more
isabella shaked, joel a hirsch, kathleen kelly, Yael Litvak, orna chomskyhecht, yarden opatowsky, yehezkel sasson, yvona ward, zvi selinger
structure function studies of the g domain from human gem a novel small g protein (2006)| FEBS Letters| Read more
Yael Litvak, zvi selinger
bacterial mimics of eukaryotic gtpase activating proteins gaps (2003)| Trends in Biochemical Sciences| Read more

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