Researcher interests: Study of mechanisms which drive ecological processes mainly in photosynthetic organisms. What determines who is there and how do the organisms interact with one another and with their changing environment.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Assaf Sukenik, einat daniel, gad weiss, judy liemanhurwitz, Aaron Kaplan, Omer Murik
the response of microcystis aeruginosa strain mgk to a single or two consecutive h2o2 applications (2019)| Environmental Microbiology Reports| Read more
Dan Tchernov, dirk wagner, gad weiss, isaac kedem, Aaron Kaplan, shany gefentreves
acclimation of a rocky shore algal reef builder neogoniolithon sp to changing illuminations (2019)| Limnology and Oceanography| Read more
Assaf Sukenik, dimitry kovalerchick, gad weiss, Aaron Kaplan, Omer Murik, Shmuel Carmeli
secondary metabolites of aeromonas veronii strain a134 isolated from a microcystis aeruginosa bloom (2019)| Metabolites| Read more
adi turjeman, hagai raanan, isaac kedem, Aaron Kaplan, Michal Bronstein, nadav oren, Omer Murik
desert cyanobacteria prepare in advance for dehydration and rewetting the role of light and temperature sensing (2019)| Molecular Ecology| Read more
george s espie, hualing mi, Aaron Kaplan, min xu, nan sun, xunling han
a thylakoid located carbonic anhydrase regulates co2 uptake in the cyanobacterium synechocystis sp pcc 6803 (2019)| New Phytologist| Read more
decision letter flavodiiron proteins 1 to 4 function in versatile combinations in o2 photoreduction in cyanobacteria (2019)| | Read more
Assaf Sukenik, dimitry kovalerchick, gad weiss, judy liemanhurwitz, Aaron Kaplan, Omer Murik, roberto de philippis, Shmuel Carmeli
increased algicidal activity of aeromonas veronii in response to microcystis aeruginosa interspecies crosstalk and secondary metabolites synergism (2019)| Environmental Microbiology| Read more
burkhard budel, claudia colesie, federico rossi, gianmarco mugnai, Aaron Kaplan, roberto de philippis, stephan peth, vincent john martin noah linus felde
the potential of the cyanobacterium leptolyngbya ohadii as inoculum for stabilizing bare sandy substrates (2018)| Soil Biology & Biochemistry| Read more
ansgar gruber, carolina rio bartulos, daniela ewe, grzegorz konert, Aaron Kaplan, masaaki tachibana, peter g kroth, sae kikutani, yusuke matsuda
the intracellular distribution of inorganic carbon fixing enzymes does not support the presence of a c4 pathway in the diatom phaeodactylum tricornutum (2018)| Photosynthesis Research| Read more
h treves, hagai raanan, isaac kedem, Aaron Kaplan, Nir Keren, Omer Murik
the alga that never read the literature fastest growing photodamage tolerant alga isolated from desert crust (2018)| | Read more
antonio f tiburcio, Asaph Aharoni, Doron Eisenstadt, haim treves, Ilana Rogachev, isaac kedem, isabel orf, jedrzej szymanski, joachim kopka, Aaron Kaplan, Nir Keren, Omer Murik, ruben alcazar, sagit meir
metabolic flexibility underpins growth capabilities of the fastest growing alga (2017)| Current Biology| Read more

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