Researcher interests: Beneficial natural products in edible plants (the “seven species“): extraction, separation and characterization. Natural antioxidants: structure-activity relationships. Natural products from legumes: production, identification and biological activities. E

Selected Publications

aedin cassidy, ana rodriguezmateos, anna marja aura, arno greyling, baukje de roos, christine morand, claudine manach, dragan milenkovic, eileen r gibney, francisco a tomasbarberan, jim kaput, Zohar Kerem, m r bronze, maria teresa garcia conesa, nada kneževic, paul a kroon, rikard landberg, tom van de wiele
targeting the delivery of dietary plant bioactives to those who would benefit most from science to practical applications (2019)| European Journal of Nutrition| Read more
aalt bast, antje r weseler, christine morand, dragan milenkovic, hagen schroeter, ken declerck, Zohar Kerem, sylvain claude, wim vanden berghe, yelena guttman
epicatechin metabolites promote vascular health through epigenetic reprogramming of endothelial immune cell signaling and reversing systemic low grade inflammation (2019)| Biochemical Pharmacology| Read more
abraham sztejnberg, izhak bilkis, Zohar Kerem, uri gerson, zahi paz
composicao de pesticida metodo de controle de infestacao associada a acaros de fungos ou bacteriana em um planta susceptivel a mesma metodo de fabricar a composicao metodo para controle de infestacao bacteriana em plantas composicao agricola bacteria (2019)| | Read more
a golan, hugo e gottlieb, iris yedidia, Zohar Kerem, keren schultz
structural elucidation of three novel kaempferol o tri glycosides that are involved in the defense response of hybrid ornithogalum to pectobacterium carotovorum (2019)| Molecules| Read more
alon bengal, Arnon Dag, isaac zipori, Zohar Kerem, loai basheer, Uri Yermiyahu
effects of reclaimed wastewater irrigation and fertigation level on olive oil composition and quality (2019)| Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture| Read more
adi nudel, Zohar Kerem, yelena guttman
polymorphism in cytochrome p450 3a4 is ethnicity related (2019)| Frontiers in Genetics| Read more
Shahal Abbo, amir sherman, Avi Gopher, clare j coyne, george j vandemark, hongbin zhang, Zohar Kerem, ofer reany, Zvi Peleg, ruth pinhasi vanoss, simcha levyadun
independent selection for seed free tryptophan content and vernalization response in chickpea domestication (2018)| Plant Breeding| Read more
alon bengal, Amnon Bustan, Arnon Dag, isaac zipori, Zohar Kerem, n stern, ran erel, Uri Yermiyahu
effect of nitrogen availability on olive oil quality (2018)| Acta Horticulturae| Read more
adi nudel, elyashiv drori, Zohar Kerem, konstantin rozenberg, nir skalka, rachela oppenheimer, tovit rosenzweig, uriel elyasiyan
anti diabetic activity of aerial parts of sarcopoterium spinosum (2017)| BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine| Read more
Zohar Kerem, keren schultz, loai basheer, yelena guttman
in silico and in vitro inhibition of cytochrome p450 3a by synthetic stilbenoids (2017)| Food Chemistry| Read more
abraham sztejnberg, Itzhak Bilkis, Zohar Kerem, uri gerson, zahi paz
argovin a novel natural product secreted by the fungus meira argovae is antagonistic to mites (2011)| Entomologia Experimentalis Et Applicata| Read more

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