Researcher interests: Colloid and interface science. Soil surface properties; physical chemistry and technology of clays. Polyelectrolyte adsorption on siliceous surfaces. Environmental chemistry.

Selected Publications

avital izbitski, lior levy, Yael Mishael, yael g mishael
enhanced gemfibrozil removal from treated wastewater by designed loopy clay polycation sorbents effect of diclofenac and effluent organic matter (2019)| Applied Clay Science| Read more
david l sedlak, itamar a shabtai, jessica r ray, marc teixido, Yael Mishael, yael g mishael
polymer clay composite geomedia for sorptive removal of trace organic compounds and metals in urban stormwater (2019)| Water Research| Read more
ido gardi, Yael Mishael, yael g mishael
designing a regenerable stimuli responsive grafted polymer clay sorbent for filtration of water pollutants (2018)| Science and Technology of Advanced Materials| Read more
itamar a shabtai, Yael Mishael, yael g mishael
polycyclodextrin clay composites regenerable dual site sorbents for bisphenol a removal from treated wastewater (2018)| ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces| Read more
avital izbitski, hagay kohay, itamar a shabtai, lior levy, Yael Mishael, yael g mishael
hybrid sorbent composites comprising mineral clay for removal of organic based materials (2018)| | Read more
itamar a shabtai, Yael Mishael, yael g mishael
catalytic polymer clay composite for enhanced removal and degradation of diazinon (2017)| Journal of Hazardous Materials| Read more
aditi jhaveri, can sarisozen, hagay kohay, Yael Mishael, rupa r sawant, vladimir p torchilin, yael g mishael
peg pe clay composite carriers for doxorubicin effect of composite structure on release cell interaction and cytotoxicity (2017)| Acta Biomaterialia| Read more
barak vasker, Yael Mishael, mordechai tavasi, yael g mishael, yael kineltahan, yaron yehoshua, yoram gerchman
effective harvesting of microalgae comparison of different polymeric flocculants (2017)| Bioresource Technology| Read more
alon bengal, arbel berezniak, Yael Mishael, uri nachshon, yael g mishael
manipulation of soil texture to remove salts from a drip irrigated root zone (2017)| Vadose Zone Journal| Read more
itamar a shabtai, Yael Mishael, yael g mishael
efficient filtration of effluent organic matter by polycation clay composite sorbents effect of polycation configuration on pharmaceutical removal (2016)| Environmental Science & Technology| Read more

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