Researcher interests: Computational molecular biology and bioinformatics. Molecular control and recognition mechanisms (protein-protein and protein-DNA interaction). Genome-wide analysis of regulatory elements. Sequence-structure-function relationship in nucleic acids and proteins.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
Contact Business Development: Keren-Or Amar

Selected Publications

amit k baidya, gideon mamou, Hanah Margalit, ritesh ranjan pal, Ilan Rosenshine, saurabh bhattacharya, sigal benyehuda, yair e gatt
a ubiquitous platform for bacterial nanotube biogenesis (2019)| Cell Reports| Read more
amir bar, ehud karavani, Liron Argaman, Hanah Margalit, niv reiss, yael altuvia
in vivo cleavage rules and target repertoire of rnase iii in escherichia coli (2018)| Nucleic Acids Research| Read more
avital steimanshimony, Hanah Margalit, orr shtrikman
assessing the functional association of intronic mirnas with their host genes (2018)| RNA| Read more
amir bar, asaf peer, Liron Argaman, Hanah Margalit, niv reiss, omer shechter, raya faigenbaumromm, sahar melamed, yael altuvia
mapping the small rna interactome in bacteria using ril seq (2018)| Nature Protocols| Read more
avital steimanshimony, Michael Berger, eliran arbib, eran rosenthal, Tomer Kaplan, leonor cohendaniel, Liron Argaman, Hanah Margalit, yuval malka
post transcriptional 3 utr cleavage of mrna transcripts generates thousands of stable uncapped autonomous rna fragments (2017)| Nature Communications| Read more
Hanah Margalit, Mor Nitzan, rotem rehani
integration of bacterial small rnas in regulatory networks (2017)| Annual review of biophysics| Read more
amir bar, asaf peer, Liron Argaman, Hanah Margalit, niv reiss, raya faigenbaumromm, sahar melamed, yael altuvia, yair e gatt
global mapping of small rna target interactions in bacteria (2016)| Molecular Cell| Read more
Drora Zenvirth, itamar cohen, Julia Sajman, kobi j simpsonlavy, Hanah Margalit, michael brandeis, Mor Nitzan, Tomer Ravid, yuval reiss
degradation of ndd1 by apc c cdh1 generates a feed forward loop that times mitotic protein accumulation (2015)| Nature Communications| Read more
Ofer Biham, Hanah Margalit, Mor Nitzan, oded rosolio, Yishai Shimoni
stochastic analysis of bistability in coherent mixed feedback loops combining transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulations (2015)| Physical Review E| Read more
Hanah Margalit, Mor Nitzan, sefi mintzer
approaches and developments in studying the human microbiome network (2015)| Israel Journal of Ecology & Evolution| Read more
stochastic analysis of the sos response in escherichia coli (2009)| PLOS ONE| Read more
Shoshana Altuvia, gilly padalonbrauch, Kobi Baruch, Hanah Margalit, maya elgrablyweiss, Ilan Rosenshine, ruth hershberg
small rnas encoded within genetic islands of salmonella typhimurium show host induced expression and role in virulence (2008)| Nucleic Acids Research| Read more
esti yegerlotem, Nadav Kashtan, Hanah Margalit, ron milo, ron y pinter, shalev itzkovitz, shmuel sattath, uri alon
network motifs in integrated cellular networks of transcription regulation and protein protein interaction (2004)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more

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