Researcher interests: Developmental Neuro-Genetics: the study of bHLH transcription factors regulating embryonic development, focusing on the nervous system. Characterization of the role and function of the transcription factors at the cellular and whole organism levels, utilizing chick embryos and knockout and transgenic mice. Revealing their molecular mode of action at various levels (transcription regulation of target genes, molecular interactions: DNA-protein, protein-protein etc.). We also study the involvement of transcription factors in human diseases (developmental, inherited and cancer).
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

abed alfatah mansour, amit hefetz, ben jerry gonzales, Nissim Ben-Arye, nissim benarie, sophie khazanov, yaara netser, yael paz
floor plate descendants in the ependyma of the adult mouse central nervous system (2015)| The International Journal of Developmental Biology| Read more
Nissim Ben-Arye, erez langer, nissim benarie, omri schatz
gene dosage of the transcription factor fingerin bhlha9 affects digit development and links syndactyly to ectrodactyly (2014)| Human Molecular Genetics| Read more
Nissim Ben-Arye, einat nissimeliraz, nissim benarie, omri schatz, Sophie Zisman
nato3 integrates with the shh foxa2 transcriptional network regulating the differentiation of midbrain dopaminergic neurons (2013)| Journal of Molecular Neuroscience| Read more
Nissim Ben-Arye, lilach soreq, nissim benarie, valery krizhanovsky, vitaly kliminski
math1 target genes are enriched with evolutionarily conserved clustered e box binding sites (2006)| Journal of Molecular Neuroscience| Read more
Nissim Ben-Arye, nissim benarie, valery krizhanovsky
a novel role for the choroid plexus in bmp mediated inhibition of differentiation of cerebellar neural progenitors (2006)| Mechanisms of Development| Read more
Nissim Ben-Arye, ESTHER GOLENSER, nissim benarie, omri schatz
clearing and photography of whole mount x gal stained mouse embryos (2005)| BioTechniques| Read more
Nissim Ben-Arye, daniel sher, eliahu zlotkin, frank bosmans, jan tytgat, menashe elazar, nissim benarie, tal i arnon, tamara potikha, tzachy tal, wenfu mao
bjαit a novel scorpion α toxin selective for insects unique pharmacological tool (2005)| Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology| Read more
Nissim Ben-Arye, ESTHER GOLENSER, nissim benarie, valery krizhanovsky
genotype identification of math1 lacz knockout mice based on real time pcr with sybr green i dye (2004)| Journal of Neuroscience Methods| Read more
Nissim Ben-Arye, nissim benarie, roi gazit, valery krizhanovsky
math1 controls cerebellar granule cell differentiation by regulating multiple components of the notch signaling pathway (2004)| Development| Read more

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