Researcher interests: Physical chemistry of soils and clays; soil surface heterogeneity and properties; soil and clay interfacial reactions; adsorption and transformation of natural and anthropogenic compounds by clays; environmental chemistry.
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Selected Publications

baoshan xing, Benny Chefetz, chuanxin ma, chunyang li, heping shang, huiyuan guo, Tamara Polubesova
maize zea mays l root exudates modify the surface chemistry of cuo nanoparticles altered aggregation dissolution and toxicity (2019)| Science of The Total Environment| Read more
interactions of organic dye with ag and ce nano assemblies influence of dissolved organic matter (2019)| Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects| Read more
baoshan xing, Benny Chefetz, chenghao yu, chuanxin ma, daniel clasby, huiyuan guo, jason c white, lauren thistle, lili he, my huynh, Tamara Polubesova
transformation of ag ions into ag nanoparticle loaded agcl microcubes in the plant root zone (2019)| Environmental science. Nano| Read more
bettina seiwert, Benny Chefetz, marina karpov, Tamara Polubesova, thorsten reemtsma, vered mordehay
transformation of oxytetracycline by redox active fe iii and mn iv containing minerals processes and mechanisms (2018)| Water Research| Read more
baoshan xing, Benny Chefetz, david julian mcclements, Tamara Polubesova, ruojie zhang, wenhao wu
transformation and speciation analysis of silver nanoparticles of dietary supplement in simulated human gastrointestinal tract (2018)| Environmental Science & Technology| Read more
baoshan xing, bhaskar bhaduri, Benny Chefetz, maya engel, Tamara Polubesova, wenhao wu
dual functionality of an ag fe3o4 carbon nanotube composite material catalytic reduction and antibacterial activity (2018)| Journal of environmental chemical engineering| Read more
amy m mckenna, Benny Chefetz, huan chen, Tamara Polubesova, robert b young, shani avnerikatz, thomas borch, william bahureksa
composition dependent sorptive fractionation of anthropogenic dissolved organic matter by fe iii montmorillonite (2018)| Soil Systems| Read more
amy m mckenna, Benny Chefetz, huan chen, Tamara Polubesova, robert b young, shani avnerikatz, thomas borch, yuri e corilo
adsorptive fractionation of dissolved organic matter dom by mineral soil macroscale approach and molecular insight (2017)| Organic Geochemistry| Read more
anat paz, Benny Chefetz, galit tadmor, jens blotevogel, Tamara Polubesova, thomas borch, tomer malchi
fate of carbamazepine its metabolites and lamotrigine in soils irrigated with reclaimed wastewater sorption leaching and plant uptake (2016)| Chemosphere| Read more
Benny Chefetz, Tamara Polubesova, rebecca a chotzen, yael g mishael
adsorption of soil derived humic acid by seven clay minerals a systematic study (2016)| Clays and Clay Minerals| Read more

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