Researcher interests: Neural mechanisms of visual perception and memory. Functional neural coding schemes. Noise and plasticity in neurons and their implications for neural computation.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

ilana naveh, yuval porat, Ehud Zohary
exogenous orienting of peri saccadic spatial attention (2018)| Journal of Vision| Read more
yuval porat, Ehud Zohary
learning to see through the saccadic veil (2018)| Journal of Vision| Read more
ayelet mckyton, caterin schreiber, itay ben zion, Ehud Zohary
impairment of vision for action functions in the newly sighted following early onset and prolonged visual deprivation (2018)| Journal of Vision| Read more
alon mann, ilana naveh, Ehud Zohary
on the superiority of visual processing in spatiotopic coordinates (2018)| Vision Research| Read more
e moreh, t orlov, Ehud Zohary
left unilateral neglect is greater for non namable than for namable objects in recognition memory (2018)| Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine| Read more
ayelet mckyton, itay benzion, Ehud Zohary
lack of automatic imitation in newly sighted individuals (2018)| Psychological Science| Read more
Tanya Orlov, Ehud Zohary
object representations in human visual cortex formed through temporal integration of dynamic partial shape views (2017)| The Journal of Neuroscience| Read more
ayelet mckyton, elena andres, itay benzion, Ehud Zohary
size constancy following long term visual deprivation (2017)| Current Biology| Read more
yuval porat, Ehud Zohary
practice improves peri saccadic shape judgment but does not diminish target mislocalization (2016)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
Yoni Pertzov, tal seidel malkinson, Ehud Zohary
turning symbolic the representation of motion direction in working memory (2016)| Frontiers in Psychology| Read more

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